Beat Spider Solitaire - Hardest Difficulty Level - NO UNDO -

Beat Spider Solitaire – Hardest Difficulty Level – NO UNDO

Laura Catella
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yeaah it wasn’t has hard as i thought.

not as annoying as uploading this video to prove it, anyway.

thanks for the support! ha


  1. quite impressive. I can only do single suit lol

  2. @MaxwellSDSU If you can accept the Undo feature as a valid part of the game (and since using it affects your score, it's not cheating – it's just getting a worse score than you would have) then so far I haven't found one that was impossible (and I have done a good few hundred over the years!). With heavy dependence on the Undo feature you can "re-strategise" and go back to try alternatives.

  3. I know your trick, you have already saved and played this game and choose the option "restart this game" and them you memorize the moves i can only trustu you if I see you in live

  4. @oscarrangel LOL that'd be a good one. but trust, i wouldn't waste my own time or yours with that nonsense.

  5. fhuu it is amazing….ach jo vole :(…it is hard game …i starting medium game and this is hard 🙂

  6. I just won spider solitaire, I had to tell someone. First win out of 40 games. The reason I won was because I found out you can put blacks on blacks and red on reds. Till then I was playing like colors for consequent numbers of the same suit only, and alternating colors for consequent numbers of different suits. I cried tears of joy…oh the undo's, the theories, the late nights…and I was playing it wrong…

  7. Usami Vision 宇佐見ヴィジョン says:

    As Sterling Archer would say:
    "You were clearly missunderstanding the core concept."

  8. Well done, I wish I could get a 10% win rate on hard.

  9. How do we know undo's weren't edited out? Its just a steady still frame, not a live shot.

  10. I'm addicted to this exact game (Spider Solitaire) you just played. I only attempt 4-suit, so I win a very small percentage of the time. It is satisfying, however, when I do win. One thing I've learned; it's a HUGE time waster!

  11. I get around 40%, without undos, and I still make mistakes sometimes.

  12. @CrypticCL If you undo all moves, starting another game, it'll affect your score. If you undo not all, it doesn't. 

    @ianjames537 Before I start to insult you, tell me how (da FUCK) you achieve such abnormal score?

    @emby85 Without undo, I'm with 90%, but I guess 98% is very likely.

    @AaronKyro123  I've 28%. To upgrade from 10% to my score, you need to think many moves ahead and know tricky manuevers.

    @allen salas Shut up, stupid kid!

  13. Oh just noticed a tip. At 5:00, you could move in column 3 the 4-3-2 to the empty slot and then break the spades by moving the 6-5 to the last column. Then you could move the 4-3-2 to the top of the last stack, the 7 of spades to empty, and then the 8 of hearts to the 8th column. You will see an extra card, which is so important to finish the game. Breaking a partial stacks helped me score a higher %. Thanks for the vid…

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