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Best Mobile Solitaire by Queens Game

Queens Game
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Solitaire by Queens Game is the best-designed Solitaire card game for mobile devices! If you like Windows Solitaire, you’re going to love this FREE Solitaire on mobile!

Our Game Features:
♠Clean and user-friendly menus
♠Big and easy to see cards
♠Single tap or drag and drop to move cards
♠Customize beautiful themes
♠Solitaire – Draw 1 card
♠Solitaire – Draw 3 cards
♠Standard or Vegas scoring
♠Timer mode supported
♠Left-handed supported
♠Up to 10 top records
♠Auto-collect cards on completion
♠Auto-save game in play
♠Feature to UNDO moves
♠Feature to use hints
♠Offline play and no data cost
♠More features to come!


  1. GOSTO MUITO DE Solitário!!!

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