Block Puzzle Fish (by Solitaire Aquarium) - free offline puzzle game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Block Puzzle Fish (by Solitaire Aquarium) – free offline puzzle game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Block Puzzle Fish is one of the Brand-New Free puzzle games for you. Based on the classic block puzzle gameplay, it challenges your mind to put different shapes onto the 10×10 grid board. All you need to do is to drag the shapes to the right place to fill 10 blocks vertically or horizontally and make as many eliminations and combos as possible. Like fidget toys, it’s very helpful for stress relieving. (“Q Block” or “Qblock” has its own logic skills and placement strategies. Whether it is the very first or later move, each step matters.)

HIGHLIGHTS of Block Puzzle Fish

– Creative Strategy Based on the Classic 10×10 Grid
You can temporarily save a certain shape that you don’t want to use, and this will give you more possibilities to enjoy the puzzles.

– Daily Challenges for You Every Day
There are extra bonuses for you every day when you pass the Daily Challenge game levels. Don’t forget to challenge your limits!

– Customize the Unique Undersea World
After passing certain puzzle challenges, you will have the chance to collect cute creatures (such as jellyfish, coral, and different kinds of fish) in the sea.

– Easy & Addictive Gameplay
It is authentic to the classic puzzle gameplay and totally FREE without a time limit for you when you play. You will definitely love the puzzles and cute creatures after your first try.

HOW TO PLAY Block Puzzle Fish

– Drag and drop shapes on the 10×10 grid board.
– Fit the position and make 10 blocks fill in a line to eliminate them.
– Game will be over if there is no room on the board for more shapes.
– Get as many scores and combos as you can to get great rewards or bonus.

Free offline game.

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