Cards Royale Solitaire Free - HD Gameplay Video -

Cards Royale Solitaire Free – HD Gameplay Video

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Play Cards Royale Solitaire Free, a challenging pyramid of tri towers. A classic tri peaks experience with speed, but still fun and simple!

♠ Classic tri peaks solitaire gameplay
♠ Fun, simple and free card games
♠ Daily bonus pyramid with rewards
♠ Tri towers to match cards on
♠ Design optimized for mobile phones and tablets
♠ Pyramid of cards deck
♠ King, queen, jack, ace, numbers
♠ Clear unique boards with unique design
♠ High quality graphics

Match a pair of cards to make them disappear from the board and create 3 or more in a row to start a chain. Remove all from the pyramid to win!

How to play
♠ Match cards from the pyramid
♠ Match cards from the tri towers
♠ Use powerups to make a high score
♠ Tap one higher or lower than your main card
♠ Create a chain of cards to solve hard levels
♠ Win the classic tri peaks solitaire gameplay
♠ Tri towers of cards to finish with speed

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