Classic Solitaire HD -

Classic Solitaire HD

Alexei Garbuzenko
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Classic Solitaire game filmed on Android x86 under Mac OS X using VirtualBox Headless, RealVNC, Xvfb, ffmpeg with x11grab.
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  1. Por que não deixam as cartas livres para que o jogador possa moviment'a-las a seu modo e não o telefone, automaticamente?

  2. comment faire pour le mettre dans mes favoris?

  3. Jesus is returning soon everyone!He died for our sins and rose from the dead.Whoever believes will be saved.

  4. Refund to download without paying for a membership

  5. Used to play this with my grandpa, I always thought the bouncing cards was so cool haha

  6. Oh look at that! I hot a perfect Yoda!


  7. Honestly this is one of the strangest ways for a solitare app to show you won

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  9. Im watching this because it helps me to sleep 😴

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