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Earn $900 Just by Listening To Music! (Make Money Online For Free)

Dave Nick Daily
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  1. Buenas tardes. Alguien sabría explicarme porque al hacer EARN de USDC disminuye la moneda casi un 4%? Antes no pasaba esto. He ingresado hace unos días y al pasarlo a EARN a cambiado de 0,94€ a 0,9€.
    Al reclamar al servicio técnico, me pasan con un especialista que dice que la moneda fluctúa, al decirle que USDC no fluctúa un 4% y mandarle fotos de las operaciones, me mandan plantillas absurdas con otra información y cortan la conversación.
    Espero podáis ayudarme.

  2. Nonsense. It won't work anymore because the songs it suggests uploading have content IDs.

  3. Some of the files wont upload it says(upload session epired)

  4. Hi bro i want to learn more about this how to earn money from this website can you help me out..

  5. I just wanna say, this is real website but its not about listening to music, its about the upload counts and referrals, on the website itself it says you need to upload at least 1000 files to get the 7$ and that's if you are in US, other countries has other payments
    you can go try it for yourself if you want

  6. Why this legend have this amount of subscriber😢plz guys support him🎉

  7. is the site even real cuz u can’t find it online

  8. $199 a month hell to the no no noooooooooooooooooo

  9. Wrong title for this video,
    It's not listening alone, actually he is telling to download them and re upload it, and someone should purchase the music which we re uploaded, and then only we get revenue from someone else's purchase.
    What a click bait 🤬

  10. lexnory contains all the secrets of forbidden money books, they changed my life

  11. How can I earn money by listening to music?

  12. I would like to make just a few hundred extra per month.

  13. Wtf you dont get tired from liying yo poor peopol who's look for a wrok seriously

  14. I really like your honesty. Telling people truth is very important. Other people makes things too good to be true. They lie to people that no work is required for someone to start receiving money, but when you try to follow their programs you realize that it is almost impossible. I real appreciate for you telling us that it will take a lot of work to start making real money. I think I am ready to follow all of your advice. Cheers!

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