Everything You Need To Know About How To Make Money Playing Solitaire Cube ♠️♦️♣️♥️💪💰💸 - telsatech.org

Everything You Need To Know About How To Make Money Playing Solitaire Cube ♠️♦️♣️♥️💪💰💸

Mikey Slice
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Learn how to make money playing Solitaire Cube from this video. No deposit is required to win. Play in my free tournaments, win, and cash out! It’s that easy!

Everything You Need To Know About How To Make Money Playing Solitaire Cube ♠️♦️♣️♥️💪💰💸

Download Solitaire Cube:


– Download Sugar Rush at

– Login or Create a Skillz account
– Play 2 Practice Matches
– Go to the Play section
– Depositing is not required. Win 25 practice matches and get $2 in Skillz bonus cash to play with!


1) SUBSCRIBE to learn how to make money playing mobile games at

2) BECOME A SKILLZ PLAYER: In order to play Skillz games like this one you’re going to need to download a Skillz game from

3) FREE MATCH CODES: I go live every once in a while. Use the match code MIKEYSLICEYOUTUBESR in the meantime to get free entries into a $10 prize pool on Sugar Rush: Match 3 eSports

— Discord:
— Facebook:
— Twitter:
— Instagram:
— My Website:

5) CUSTOMIZE YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL WITH FIVERR: Get custom overlays and stinger transitions at

6) USE MY PROMO CODE ON YOUR FIRST SKILLZ DEPOSIT: Get an extra $10 in bonus cash when you make your first Skillz deposit by using promo code 2F05J. To promote your own promo code go to

7) BUY MIKEYSLICE MERCH: Get official Mikey Slice merch at

8) Join the Mikey Slice channel membership to get access to perks:

DISCLAIMER: Must be 18+ years of age to enter Skillz games for cash. Cannot compete in these events if you live in the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee. If you live in Indiana or Maine you will not be able to compete in the games with playing cards like Solitaire Cube and 21 Blitz.

Some of the links to my website are affiliate links and I’ll earn a small commission, if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


  1. Any way to get $ aside from depositing? I didn’t know what I was doing at all at first and I played the two dollars my first game and lost.

  2. This guy’s voice is beyond annoying….

  3. I have 30 dollars on my credit card for game but I don’t is charging me or not

  4. Nice video i thought that this was pretty helpful and i hope you become a successful youtuber

  5. Can you tell me how to receive the money please


  7. What happens if you deposit money is it from your credit card or the one you got

  8. are you a robot? youre voice annoying

  9. Why do you make your voice sound like that… it’s stupid and doesn’t sound natural!! Talk normally!!

  10. Bruh! You forgot to mention Android. Not everyone has an iPhone. God Bless 🙏 bruh.

  11. I'm being very skeptical about this game for Android. I'm banking all my tickets. Just in case. Imah skilled player. I have at least 60+ game accounts. But I still don't really believe it.

  12. If I gave my friend the code I got and he gave me the code he got, do we get the promo code cash for sharing promo code?

    A little upset 😞 too about the ads during active boosters. If I get a 4 minute booster, how can I completely enjoy the time if ads are eating the time away?

    Thank you.

  13. my first day i earned 100 cash my first day should i deposit

  14. I was reading the comments and felt like I had to say this…you have a great voice! I think you’re video was very informative and much appreciated, as I am a new player of this game and I am seeking more information before I play for cash. Thank you ! 🙂

  15. Recently played a practice game and scored about 1,500. It was a really straight game and the cards seemed to fall into place but one or two cards I needed to move along wouldn’t come up time after time, at -20 points a pop…so, rather than chip away at my score, I ended it at 1,500. I lost. When I looked at my opponents score it was like 3x higher than mine! How does that happen?

  16. Also, the promo codes you mention here don’t work.

  17. Can you please help me with my skillz account. I've requested multiple times but never get any attention in return.

  18. The game is a scam it’s not going to give you money

  19. Man, how can i get the promo code, and why every people submit the promo code? What is the benefit of it? Actually i totally unknown about this… cant get anything.. please tell me

  20. I tried playing the money thing and it says it doesnt work in my location lol and i live in florida

  21. Use my code: QHQJY in order to get $10 FOR FREE with your first deposit

  22. I scored almost 4,000 in 100 games; just 3 points below 4,000

  23. Hi Mikey Slice what is your discord server
    I created a discord server called "Solitaire Cube Legends".

  24. Twitch and YouTube “partner” is just another fancy way of saying a streamer or a content creator…

    P.S. would have finished the video if it wasn’t for the weird EA-sports voice tone ur goin for..

  25. Feel free to use my promo code: QLGH5 ♥️

  26. I was playing for money last night & this morning I got on and it says that I cannot play for cash in a stale location. I’m in the same place I was when I was playing last night??

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