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Flick Solitaire (Flick Games) – free offline classic card game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Collect beautiful card art. Learn to love solitaire. Solitaire re-imagined.

A modern, stylish and tactile solitaire game that provides a global platform for artists and their work. This is solitaire for the senses – a card game that gives you the real feels of playing with physical cards, complemented by gorgeous art and spine-tingling ASMR sound.

Build your own collection of beautiful playing cards, created by diverse, independent artists from all over the world. Learn to love solitaire with our simple, friendly tutorials. You don’t need to know how to play!

Flick Solitaire is designed for touch. Flick the cards and make them FLY! Experience a novel, natural and satisfying way to move cards around your screen. Getting into the zone is rather hypnotic with frequent flicking action. Love to FLICK? Try the Fastest FLICKER game mode to see how you compare!

Can you beat solitaire? All classic solitaire, spider solitaire and pyramid solitaire levels are 100% solvable! Yes, we want to help you WIN that much.

A great collection of Solitaire classics:
Classic Solitaire (a.k.a Patience Solitaire/Klondike Solitaire).
Pyramid Solitaire – simple rules & addition to 13 to clear the solitaire pyramid!
SPIDER Solitaire – build same-suit columns with a 1/2/4 suit solitaire challenge!
Elevens Solitaire – a quick solitaire game of chance!

FLICK your way!
We’ve got something for everyone: a choice of 3 solitaire difficulty levels – challenge yourself with super difficult solitaire or take it easy and get familiar with different game modes. Rotate your device to see the cards in better detail (works great for SPIDER solitaire). For the ultimate soothing soundscape and relaxation experience, switch to ASMR mode for a sensory treat.

Join Club FLICK for exclusive rewards and perks – the best solitaire app experience!

Free offline game.

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