[FREE] Benab x Maes Type Beat - "SOLITAIRE" 🕊️ ft. Soolking | Instru Mélodieuse - telsatech.org

[FREE] Benab x Maes Type Beat – “SOLITAIRE” 🕊️ ft. Soolking | Instru Mélodieuse

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#MaesTypeBeat #BenabTypeBeat #SoolkingTypeBeat #HatikTypeBeat

0:00 Intro
0:18 Couplet 1
0:54 Pré-refrain
1:12 Refrain
1:31 Couplet 2
2:16 Pré-refrain
2:34 Refrain
2:53 Outro

[FREE] Maes x Benab Type Beat – “SOLITAIRE” ft. Hatik | Instru Mélodieuse
[FREE] Benab x Maes Type Beat – “SOLITAIRE” ft. Soolking | Instru Mélodieuse
[FREE] Bramsito x Hatik Type Beat – “SOLITAIRE” ft. Benab | Instru Mélodieuse

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  1. shessh this hitting bro 👌🔥🔥 keep grinding

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