FREE MONEY PLAYING GAMES [+$300/yr on Solitaire Cash + CHEAT REVEAL] & School Mukbang -

FREE MONEY PLAYING GAMES [+$300/yr on Solitaire Cash + CHEAT REVEAL] & School Mukbang

Gnarly Grandmother
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hello everyone. welcome.

here’s how I earned +$300/yr from just playing Solitaire – i also let out a secret cheat and hope the developers don’t see my video and fix the bug

i also eat some food from my university because i haven’t eaten in two days


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  1. I’m currently playing this game. I have like 1400 diamonds and 12 buck in bonus cash right now. Didn’t deposit nothing but imma go for it all a once and see if I get the real cash

  2. I don’t understand ir know how to play solitaire tbh

  3. Great tips! Thanks! I’ve got 8.50 free $ so far. I’ve spent ZERO. Your tips will help.

  4. Does your cash get moved to PayPal if you want? Ever tried? I haven’t. Would like to know.

  5. Another Tip: if you use the code A8TYCZ then you get a free $1 bonus cash to start with!
    I used it and it made the process SO much faster!

  6. The name of game if you don’t mind

  7. Thanks for the vid! How many hours did you spend playing (roughly)?

  8. I truly enjoyed this pretty young woman with her snacks


  9. If we yous our codes we will make money

  10. I've played against you and lost every time 🙂 You rock!

  11. I literally can’t win this game so frustrating lol

  12. wow so fast girl!! i love this app too 😀 just new to it .

  13. Wow entry fee used to be only 120 gems? I just started playing and it's 1.2k gems

  14. OMG ….you look like twins…u and my ex….let me get out of here…your a pro at Solitaire btw…holy crap under 2 mins…dayum…im tryin…ok ive been here too long…bye

  15. Wow, they really nerfed this game in the last few months lol now it’s literally impossible to win ANY MONEY

  16. If you slow down you would have seen the black eight on the board.

  17. Actually though I’ve pulled like 40k outa this app did it through high school and still am doing it. (I just make new accounts to reset the difficulty)

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