FreeCell Solitaire — Free-to-play "FreeCell" classic solitaire! (PROMO VIDEO) -

FreeCell Solitaire — Free-to-play “FreeCell” classic solitaire! (PROMO VIDEO)

Serj Ardovic
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FreeCell Solitaire —
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Original free-to-play “FreeCell Solitaire”. Classic patience card game from ’90s with lots of smart features and extras:

– Easy English language;
– Online daily challenges;
– Adjustable difficulty settings;
– Very small app size, low battery usage;
– Smart AI hints and auto-complete feature;
– No internet connection required (offline mode);
– Customizable cards & animated background themes;
– Intuitive scoring system with winning sequences;
– Comprehensive game tutorial for beginners;
– Numbered or randomized winning deals;
– Winning animations and effects;
– Well optimized Open GL engine;
– Detailed player statistics.

Designed and developed by Serj Ardovic in 2020. This game is targeted at professional FreeCell players, who value every detail and functionality of one of the oldest and smartest card games ever created. “FreeCell Solitaire” has everything to offer for a great card game experience and even more: smart hint algorithms, winning streak based score system, progressive player’s skill level, winning deals, detailed statistics and many more pro features within.

Also, the game is loaded with customization options, it lets you select a theme, use your own pictures from gallery or even take a photo on the go, crop/adjust it and use as a background picture without ever leaving the game.

Music used in the video: “Midnight Tale” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License:


  1. Fena değil kanalına video atmayacak mısın?

  2. This version of Freecell solitaire reminds me of old Windows 95/98 versions

  3. Renk oyununu hatırlıyorum, çok iyi zamanlar

  4. reis nerelerdesin bee hala Fena değil'e video bekliyoruz

  5. Where tf are you bro??? Why dont you upload videos in fena değil?

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