Golf Solitaire Free Solitaire game comes to your Android phone! -

Golf Solitaire Free Solitaire game comes to your Android phone!

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Playing on the green course in Golf Solitaire is a fun and challenging way to train your brain, download now and make a grand blast in Golf Solitaire paradise!

Golf Solitaire – Green Shot is a challenging solitaire game (also known as tri peaks and Klondike). Start to play in the green golf yard, simply tap and drop a card from each peaks on the board.
All puzzling combinations need you to beat every challenge by strategies! Now make your brain a grand harvests in Golf Solitaire – Green Shot!

=== Is Golf Solitaire for Me? ===
Did you play Classic logic puzzles games like mahjong, minesweeper, or patience solitaire like Spider Solitaire, freecell on your Windows PC? Then you are bound to love the new Tri peaks solitaire app – Golf Solitaire!

* Casual, free card games of classic solitaire, fun and free gameplay you’ll pick up quickly!
* Cards come alive with stunning animations, flawless graphics and classic interface
* Use special power up cards or wild cards to strategize how to beat each level challenge.
* Play games of tripeaks solitaire anytime & any place you want
Solitaire fans and cards games fans will fall in love with this new free tripeaks solitaire experience!

Challenge awaits you in this amazing brain puzzle game!
* Golf Solitaire is a fun and challenging puzzle game that anyone can play!
* Participate in the TriPeaks Challenge as the puzzle gets increasingly difficult in this strategy game
* Special daily challenge of varying difficulties
* Rewards for your success in the game-reap the harvest of smart move
* Special “bonus” wildcards to help your strategy for your next move

If you enjoy patience classic solitaire card games like spider solitaire, klondike, tripeaks solitaire, or freecell solitaire, download the best free Solitaire app Golf Solitaire – Green Shot on Android now, exercise your brain with this fun and free Solitaire. Clean all the cards and develop your mind, patience and strategy skills!

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