How to cheat Windows Solitaire and Free Cell -

How to cheat Windows Solitaire and Free Cell

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I demonstrate how to unfairly win in these two classic card games for Windows.
I also reveal a little easter egg in Free Cell.
And to wrap it all up I play a casual game of Internet Checkers 😛


  1. I know this video is very old but is there a way to win like this on windows 11?

  2. If the card games aren't your thing skip forward to the game of checkers 😛

  3. @Goron50 Haha I also know how to cheat in minesweeper and of course pinball. But the minesweeper one is to complicated to explain with captions and Everyone and their brothers knows the pinball one..

    And you can't fault me for my amazing game of Checkers 😛

  4. @MaddieLouiseRossetto Yes, they do actually.

  5. @wwe619mysterio1 Not sure what you are saying really.

  6. the solitare glitch only works on windows xp i tried on my windows 7 laptop and it dont work

  7. I believe the correct term is "voila", not "viola".

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