How To Get Original Spider Solitaire Back On Windows 8 -

How To Get Original Spider Solitaire Back On Windows 8

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Check Out My Website: In this video I will show you how to get the original Spider Solitaire game on Windows 8! Enjoy!

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  1. So I'm playing spider solitaire right now, I'm ready to deal another row of cards but I have 9 cards and I need 10 to deal, I'm stuck, help!

  2. Howdy….I'm not able to get the game to open on win 8.1. Any suggestions.

  3. hey! is there another way to get 7's spider sol? i have my win 7 in storage. i dread having to do all that. thank u for providing this tutorial.

  4. I also tried on Windows 8.1 and it doesn't work

  5. it didn't work for me what am I missing I did everything and when I went to open it up it wouldn't open I have windows 8

  6. It didn't work for me. It wouldn't open in my laptop 

  7. Tradurre in italiano non tutti conoscono l' inglese

  8. i did what was on the utube and it didn't open.

  9. Carried out your instructions to a T, but Solitaire failed to open in Windows 8.  Is this a compatibility issue?

  10. Very funny mate. You copy it from the Win 7 machine and RUN it on the win 7 machine.
    Doesn't just work on 8 and later. Obviously it will not run as there are specific win7 restrictions on it. It checks for the version. There are other ways around but even they don't seem to always work for now.
    Some have managed to succesfully get it on win8, but others failed.
    Try this and see if you're a lucky one.

  11. Copied spider.exe from windows xp to usb stick. USB stick works on windows 8.1. Pasted file into program file in win 8.1 and it works just fine.

  12. Here is how to manually patch a 64bit version of Spider Solitaire from Windows 7. I saw a lot of people looking for the 64bit version, and no answers yet. So here it goes: 
    1. Open in a hex editor.
    2. Search for the string 3B C6 0F 4C
    3. Change the first two values, so it becomes: 39 C0 0F 4C 
    4. Save
    And play….

    Of course, make sure you copied the full Spider Solitaire folder, and also the DLL file for that particular game.

    For the other microsoft games you can do a similar trick. Hopefully there is only one instance of that four digit sequence, otherwise you will have to try both options. Always change only one instance.

  13. Hello, I followed step by step.  But it does not open for me.  I copied from Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit  and I am using windows 8.1 Pro 64bit (not sure if any of this makes a difference).  So I tried to save it on desk top and even tried saving in program files.  It saves but none of the games open.  I have tried both direct and short cut but nothing.  Is there anything else I should be doing.   Thank you Estelle

  14. Why are you running Solitaire on the Windows 7 machine? I thought it was transferring Solitaire from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

  15. OMW man try it on the Windows 8 then you check what happen!!!

  16. I noticed you didn't actually do the part with the windows 8 machine "on a windows 8" machine. I tried this and it will not open.

  17. Will this work on Windows 10? Want to know because I may get that free 10 update and really want to know if it's improved, with Works and Games back and all that.

  18. Not only did this not work to get Spider Solitaire on my Windows 8 computer; it hosed it on my Windows 7 pc so I can no longer use it there.

  19. Watched how to move spider solitaire to windows 8.  Will that work for Windows 10 as well?  If not, how do we do that?

  20. Thanks mate, only after installing Win 10 I realized how addicted I am to Spider Solitaire :). You are the star, cheers!

  21. First, it doesn't work, you didn't even test it on Win 8 to see if it works.
    Second, if it did work, it would be much easier to just copy the entire Microsoft Games folder directly from Program FIles to USB instead of creating the new folder first on the Desktop, then copying everything there and then copy everything from Desktop on the USB. I wonder why so many dislikes.

  22. How do I download spider solitare on my computer?

  23. You are missing a few steps. To move the classic Win 7 desktop solitaire to Win 8, google "what happened to solitaire in windows 8" and find the HowToGeek article. Open it and halfway down the page shows exactly how to do it. You need a 'patch' to make it work in another system. All you did in your video was copy the game to a folder in the SAME Win 7 computer, which is not helpful.

  24. I followed your directions; spider is on my go-flex back upand on a flash drive. When I try to play, windows 8.1 says I need something else to open the mui file. What's that?

  25. The original man, none of this is, i want the original designs as well.

  26. I so appreciate your posting this. I have three computers (one desktop, two laptops), running Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10. I had intended never to upgrade my Win 7 desktop (not till forced) because of Spider. What drives me most crazy about the versions in Win 8 and beyond is that if you near the end of a game and can see you can't win, and you want to start over, you can't do so. You have to play to the end — you can't restart. Unless I've missed some option big time, you just can't restart until you play it out and get a "no more moves" message. That's bad enough. But sometimes, the last two moves mirror each other, like two stacks of red suit cards -e.g., 10, 9, 8, 7 and 10, 9, 8 – and the program won't LET you end because there is always one more move available — that of placing the "7" card back and forth between the two runs. You can't lose and you can't restart. You just have to give that game up. Very annoying!!! Win 7 is the best Spider version, and I'm glad it will work in the Win 8 environment. IF it works in 10, I'll also be thrilled! Thanks again!

  27. Don't know why my last post struck out the example of the card-face numbers, but read as if not stricken. 🙂

  28. hi Luis, tried this for windows 10 bt didn't work – anything i can do?

  29. Got it to go on the USB & onto win 8 but games wont ope. Big disappointment. You need to remove this video because I see it hasn't worked for a lot of people.

  30. It doesn't work because you didn't describe how to fix what's in the registry.

  31. I Didn't want to reinvent my life, I Just wanted to reinstall spider to the upgraded version of windows from 7 to 10 Sincerely, Marven

  32. My windows 7 is crashing when I go to internet.  So am using a
    windows 10 laptop that I don't like and can't find the one I want (that
    is on my old w7) to download.  I can't find the spider solitaire game-plain simple 10 stack one row to download from internet. I did per your video and the game will not open in w10.

  33. Tried this on windows 10, but it didn't work.

  34. I followed the instructions and copied the files from my Windows 7 Professional to my Windows 8.1. Created the shortcuts. When I double click on it, the graphics "working in background" circle appears for a few seconds, then disappears and nothing happens. I appreciate it if anyone has any helpful suggestions to get this to work on my Windows 8.1

  35. Tried this but when I went to open the games on my widows 8 laptop after transfering them none of the games would open

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  37. Was so pleased to find this & thanks for posting, unfortunately can't get my game to run on W10 though… grr, I hate windows10!

  38. That video is very important for peoples can to play this game and will made this game of the Windows XP to restore and compare with operating system. Thanks to creator of this tutorial and every day to make videos in YT

  39. Thank you!!!! I took from my windows 7 to windows 10. Had saved to usb stick and put on new laptop but didn't know to put in folder and to right click application to make the shortcut. Thank you so much!

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