How to Play - Italian Pyramid Solitaire - aka Piramide -

How to Play – Italian Pyramid Solitaire – aka Piramide

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Can you play solitaire games with Italian cards? Absolutely! Pyramid Solitaire, aka Piramide, is one of the best Italian style Solitaire games out there. Can you beat the Pyramid?

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@0:00 Intro
@1:13 Set up
@1:40 Rules
@3:02 Starting a Game
@4:20 Game Play
@11:19 A Winning Scenario
@12:55 Final Thoughts

By Christopher Cannucciari

All Rights: Dynamic Range 2021


  1. I don’t think there has ever been a comment that play in games has never replied to respect

  2. i’ve played this sooo many times and never won. i’ve gotten down to 1 card once

  3. When one uses standard bridge deck it's easier to remove Js, Qs and Ks, so all cards will have their value shown 😜

  4. Honestly the best channel I've found on YouTube! I've learnt so much from you

  5. Thumbs up 👍 Good tutorial 😎

  6. Such an awesome video to help, question though, I only go through the deck once right? Not like regular solitaire where you go back through ?

  7. Great video! Would love to see the video for the stacking solitaire. Have you shared one yet?

  8. I just had this exact thought today! I just moved to Italy and I've ended up with a Piacentine deck and I was wondering if something like solitaire existed so I could get used to the cards.

    That reminds me: I definitely want a video where you discuss all the different regional Italian decks.

  9. you've tripled (trebled?) your subscriber base in 2 posts …
    and I just received my first deck of Italian cards in the mail today (and do they make me feel like a klutz!)

  10. Love your videos. Thanks for the professional style and clear explanations. Subscribed.
    I bought an Italian deck to play Scopa with and found your videos to explain the game, we were up and running in minutes.
    Addictive game for sure, now to try the Pyramide.

    I bought one of the Modiano “Extra” decks, nice thick cards.

  11. Weird, earlier today I was wondering when you were going to post next. Also amazing video keep making them.

  12. Warwagon/Tppower Car Restoration/Metal Working says:

    good video ps you look like clara

  13. Hi Chris. Not sure if there's a best way to contact you but I'm loving the videos, and I'd love to chat with you about Italian card games for a book I'm working on about games round the world. If there's a best way to drop you a line and you're interested, please let me know!

  14. The care and quality that is put into these videos is unmatched for this type of niche playing card content. Keep up the good work!

  15. Loooove your dry humor and deadpan delivery, keep going these videos are great !

  16. Warwagon/Tppower Car Restoration/Metal Working says:

    my son and I lay this all the time now PUT OUT MORE VIDEOS CHRIS!!

  17. I didn't know this game
    Thanks for the explanation 👍

  18. Hello man, i'm very very proud that a foreign player knows our games and above all that he is using Sicilian cards! Small note: here often prefer to play the Piramide with the card in the 1-6 lines faced down, and with the last line of 7 cards faced up. Regards from SICILY!

  19. Hope you'll be back someday with more videos! I just discovered your channel yesterday and I've since watched them all! Unmatched quality, your hard work is appreciated. Originally came for a refresher on Scopa, but I've learned so much more now

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