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How To Play Klondike Solitaire
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Klondike Solitaire is the most popular game of Solitaire and is often simply referred to as ‘Solitaire.’ Winning the game involves strategy, skill and a little luck. It’s a popular game due to its simple rules and easy access.


Space: Moderate

Level: Challenging

Cards: One standard 52-card deck

Players: One


Lay out seven cards in a row – face down excluding the first card. Then put the eighth card face up on the second card in the row, and then complete the row with face-down cards. Place a face-up card on the third pile, and finish off the row in the same way. Continue until you have a face-up card on every pile. Aces are low in this game.


First, look over the spread carefully. Move any cards that you can to the foundation row. Aces first and any cards you can build on them.

You can also build cards on the layout itself. Only the face-up cards are available for this building, and only if they are exposed cards of the pile. Then you can build down-ward in alternating colours. Read the rest of the rules at

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  2. I came to this video cause I’m bored and forgot how to set it up 😅 thank you for helping

  3. This game is new to me and I am trying to learn. What happens when you have a card in your bottom row that should go on the ace pile but it already has other cards on top of it? Say your ace pile is already up to 5 of clubs and you have a 6 of clubs in a bottom pile but it's already covered by a bunch of other cards?

  4. Damn, this game made me feel really dumb XD

  5. old school windows game, it's on your computer

  6. No one ever seems to give complete rules. But this is good. This doesn't explain if you can go back through the deck again. IMO, the game is too easy, if you can both turn up only one card and go through the deck unlimited times. IMO, do one of two methods. Either one card at a time, with one pass. Or count 3 cards, then turn them over, revealing the top card, which can be played. And then allow any number of passes through the deck. Rules never seem to be clear on whether you can move cards off the foundation. If this is allowed, it can turn a losing game into a winning game, as you can potentially reorder the tableau by moving foundation cards back to the tableau. This always felt a bit cheaty to me to allow this. But really, as it's solitaire, play how you want. My main reason for wishing there was only one set of rules, was for comparing win percentages to other people.

  7. THIS is Klondike Solitaire? I've been playing this since I was a kid, and I always thought this was just Solitaire. Now I need to see what "regular" Solitaire is.

  8. This video is bad, I am trying to learn but this is too hard

  9. What are the 2 card to the top left unless that's the dump pile or play pile where you go through the cards to see what can be played

  10. I have this deck!
    4♤ 5♧ 3◇ 2♡ J♧ A◇

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