How To Play Solitaire -

How To Play Solitaire

Eric Buffington
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Ever wondered how to play the solo card game of solitaire? Check out this short video and you’ll be set!

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  1. Sir please mujhe khlna sikha skte ho Kuch smjh nhi aa rha kaise kiski Milana hota h please rply krna. Agar Kisi ko cards khlna aata ho toh

  2. Thank u for showing how to play,I was bored after the quarantine

  3. So this game isnt as lame as I thought…its lamer.

  4. Download and install this app, then run it for 30 seconds to unlock this content.

  5. Learning something new during this Awful Pandemic. Thanks.

  6. Download and install this app, then run it for 30 seconds to unlock this content.

  7. its quarantine time = its going back to the things you wanted to learn but never did time

  8. It's a nice game—klondike—it's greater when you win!

  9. I did not know how to play an now I do! I still need practice. Before, I did not like this game because I did not know how to play, now since my dad but me this video, I like this game. Also come check out my challel!✌

  10. Cool Game, I Love cards, they make you sharp.

  11. Im only watching this so I can download gacha club

  12. I think Google Play Games is cheating me😕

  13. I think Google Play Games is cheating me😕

  14. Thanks for the tutorial man. This game is like the game you wanna play for so long but too lazy to learn how to, just like minesweeper. Now that i already know how to play minesweeper so i think this game is next, at last.

  15. i've stumbled upon this because i of programming..

  16. Thanks it took me awhile but I understand it now lol

  17. Dalam google play lain pula gayezzzz…acane ni

  18. I have my own version: playing this as fast as you can: of course, it's called "Impatience" 🙂

  19. Clear speech and excellent explanation – first class ! ++++++

  20. How can I get my sound back on my solitary games

  21. Thanks for such a good tuitor… Now I know how to play the game… I thought it was a hard game, but when I saw your tutorial, All I can say is how easy to play the game solitaire.

  22. Fun Fact:
    In some part of the Philippines we use this game as a guide either when you decide on something, when you want something or when you wish for something

    i.e. you wanna quit your job, but you're havin 2nd thoughts so you play this game. before you start the game you ask the cards "should I quit my job?" and then if you successfully sort the cards, it means you should

    when you wish for something and then you sorted the cards it means you will get it

  23. Its a fake,i play all day,i watch all overtising.i redem first 500 then i follow 1000.they sad 3 day then 7 days almost one month its nothing…

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