How To Remove Ads From Solitaire Collection In Windows 10 -

How To Remove Ads From Solitaire Collection In Windows 10

Craig Weinhold
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This video walks through configuring Windows Firewall to block Internet access for Microsoft Solitaire Collection. This causes Solitaire to run in offline mode and not display ads.

Games in offline mode will be missing internet-connected features, such as badges, challenges, social, etc. You may also be limited to Easy & Random decks and may need to click past “are you sure you want to play offline?” nag messages, though these annoyances seem to be gone from later versions (eg, 4.10.9220.0 Oct 2021).

Automatic software updates to the game will eventually undo this, requiring you to reapply the block. To avoid this, disable Microsoft Store updates (in Microsoft Store | Settings, turn “update apps automatically” to OFF).

This technique has proven to work for other Microsoft games, such as Treasure Hunt.


  1. I've followed your instructions to a 'T' and I can't get it to run in offline mode. I've checked and double-checked the procedure. What else am I missing? Thanks in advance for your efforts.

  2. you are the best <33333333333333333

    thank you so so so so much

  3. Thank you very much! And eff you Micro$oft for hijacking my browser!
    And eff you Micro$oft for trying to charge me to NOT see adds! Extortion!


    You must disable Microsoft Store updates (in Microsoft Store | Settings, turn "update apps automatically" to OFF). Otherwise, each time the game updates you will need to redo this process.

    Because this hack works by blocking Solitaire's Internet access, you will need to click through "problem downloading game data…" and "are you sure you want to play offline?" nag messages at random moments.

    Finally, this hack only works for "Easy" and "Random" decks. The other skill levels only work in online mode. Similarly, the game will only track progress on your local computer, and will not sync progress, challenges, badges, etc to your Microsoft account.

  5. Thank you so much, it working very well, you are genius!!

  6. thanks a lot, my gf loves solitaire and gets spammed by this all the fkn time

  7. Unfortunately, doesn't work for me anymore. Now they say I can only play the easier mode if I'm offline.

  8. Thanks, I've been looking for away to find the exe file for treasure hunt game..

  9. Thanks. Too bad it blocks you from logging in so you can't participate in events, etc. I wonder if you could use a proxy server to blacklist the ad servers that Solitaire uses instead? That would still allow you to log in but avoid the ads maybe?

  10. We shouldn't even have to worry about shit like this.. not like I built a $1k pc, just to be spammed trash ads on a free game, it's real shitty of Microsoft to do that.

  11. After the upgrade, this tip no longer works, you need to block on the host (Mahjong)

  12. Here is an easier way: Windows -> System32 -> drivers -> etc -> hosts need, to add:

    You need to find the file: vpaid.html or bootstrap.html in: Program Files -> WindowsApps -> Microsoft.MicrosoftMahjong_4.0.11030.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe -> Microsoft.Advertising -> vpaid.html, to copy domain and insert to the hosts file:

  13. That works but cuts the game in half per say. There is some difficulty levels that require connection to work, so all in all, it doesn't work

  14. Thanks ever so much, very useful 🙂 I hate adds appearing all everywhere.

  15. I don't know why, but it's working again. XD

  16. This no longer works. Seems like it ignores the firewall rules.

  17. Thank you very much, man! That was so helpful! 10 points!

  18. Nice, I will wait to disable the store updates, until when i see how often they change the setting and show the ads again. MS if you just let me control the volume of your ads i would have let you show them, but NO you had to play them louder than any other app i have running.

  19. Ιάκωβος Κερασόπουλος says:

    19.04.21 working!
    Thank you, greetings from Greece

  20. I have Microsoft Treasure hunt and was hoping that this would stop those pop-up game ads that run for 30 seconds after each round. I used to get ads and suddenly they stopped which was amazing. But they are back again. I love treasure hunt but those game pop-ups are driving me crazy. Any help you can give

  21. Ιάκωβος Κερασόπουλος says:

    Can this method will work for Free Tetris: Luxury?

    Thanks in advance!

  22. thanks mate , now i can play solitaire during class time in peace

  23. Is my Premium subscript free? If it's free for a week, do I get a paid subscription, or does my free subscription go away in a week?

  24. There's a better way : hosts file to block ads websites without blocking game.

  25. The worst part is that the ads will not play unless the app is active. Unlike almost any other ads anywhere.

  26. Instead of blocking all access to Solitaire, I blocked just the IP addresses of the annoying ads. I used wireshark to see what IP the game was calling and blocked that IP under the incoming rules. Not to say this is a complete list or that it works in all countries. But try it. Under Scope, Remote IP Addresses: enter these IP addresses (one at a time, it's annoying but takes less time than watching a stupid ad)

  27. WindowsUpdate that came out 2 days ago ruined this method, idk wtf they did but you can't block it's connection anymore

  28. Thank you very much! this was really helpful!

  29. Also removes the ability to sync your game data. Not recommended.

  30. No. the event area was not closed down. It says: EVENT: Pyramid Mini. Craig, This did not work. I noticed you also said to disable update apps to off. I did that and it is still there. I am going to reboot and see what happens. Rebooted and still the same horrible loud ads.

  31. Microsoft may have fixed this method? My events shows "Internet connection required" but I'm still getting ads.

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