How To Remove Ads From Solitaire Collection In Windows 10 -

How To Remove Ads From Solitaire Collection In Windows 10

Craig Weinhold
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This video walks through configuring Windows Firewall to block Internet access for Microsoft Solitaire Collection. This causes Solitaire to run in offline mode and not display ads.

Games in offline mode will be missing internet-connected features, such as badges, challenges, social, etc. You may also be limited to Easy & Random decks and may need to click past “are you sure you want to play offline?” nag messages, though these annoyances seem to be gone from later versions (eg, 4.10.9220.0 Oct 2021).

Automatic software updates to the game will eventually undo this, requiring you to reapply the block. To avoid this, disable Microsoft Store updates (in Microsoft Store | Settings, turn “update apps automatically” to OFF).

This technique has proven to work for other Microsoft games, such as Treasure Hunt.


  1. Nice tips! But, only Solitaire.exe blocking is not enough. It works with Solitaire.exe and Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection.exe blocking.

  2. 10/10. Would take a bullet for you now, no questions asked lol. Thanks a lot man!

  3. Doesn't work anymore, the scumbags have now moved the ad feature into a "runtime broker" background process :(.

  4. not sure it worked on windows 11. i got the ad again. then restarted again with no ad so we'll see. 'you have no more moves' – story of my life. cannot win the master game.

  5. I love the fact that you pay for an OS and what it comes with, and then they want to you pay more to stop additional advertizements. This is just as bad as buying a subscription to the bells and whistles to a brand new car you bought. You want heated seats, well it can be enabled for only $X a month. Seriously, it's a thing now (BMW I think is doing that.)

  6. I named my rule "Fuck you Windows 10, I ain't paying for a fucking solitaire"

  7. on version Microsoft Solitaire Collection 4.13.7040.0_x64 this don't work anymore, win 11 at least

  8. I'm tray to same your procedure but result is "0"

  9. Sooooooo sweet! Those ads were fucking up my pc big time. Constantly freezing. Even messed with the sizing on my dual monitors.

  10. Is there a way to do it for Windows 11 ? I tried it on there, but the ads still come up.

  11. cool. i think it worked. but u forgot…
    1. show hidden files
    2. make yerself the owner of the folder so u can see the solitaire file
    a. right click the microsoft app file
    b. change owner
    c. desktop name as owner.
    d. apply. ok.
    now u can see the file name . if im wromg pm me ill remove these comments

    btw… ty

  12. This app was an ad-free native OS game for literally decades. I can't believe they think full page Pharma videos in-between solitaire games is acceptable. What's next Microsoft… ms paint? minesweeper? lol

  13. It didn't work. There are still ads after the game :'(

  14. NO funciona, siempre me aparece una propaganda de 30seg, para descargar, una mierda

  15. works thanks, also screw the people that put ads in everything…

  16. This trick does not work anymore. It worked for a while though.

  17. Looks not working for latest version (I'm using 4.12.1050.0). It says "You need an active connection to the Internet to play this difficulty". Only Easy and Random levels are available.

  18. تثبيت العاب لا كمبيوتر muhamed says:

    Thank you so much. It works but.There's no Internet connection in the game anymore.why?

  19. yup. that's it finding the right program in task manager was the key. there's a few vids about this but your was the most complete. and the text at the bottom was a nice touch. thanks.

  20. Екатерина Винарская says:

    Thanks! 👍👍👍

  21. Yes its works ma man, thanks you bro for the help

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