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Jiggle Cards (by Zenolit) – free offline solitaire card game for Android – gameplay.

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Jiggle Cards welcomes you to a fun and relaxing solitaire free world. If you are a fan of traditional card games you will fall in love with Jiggle Cards. Solitaire games free your mind and help you to leave your troubles behind.

Open your cards, raise the stakes, and play. Green baize is waiting for you. Feel the card player excitement at your fingertips, your numerous victories are coming. Develop your strategic thinking, focus on the solutions, forget your hard days, relax, and be the winner. Сlassics never go out of style.

Jiggle Cards looks like basic solitaire. It seems like that at the beginning, but once you start playing you open up the door to infinite card adventures. Lots of surprises are waiting for you. Blocked cards, jokers, exciting tasks – everything for your unique card player experience.

– Your goal is to remove all the cards from the field.
– Each level starts with the cards on the table, some face down and some face up. Only the upper layer of open cards can be played.
– One open card is in the house next to the deck.
– Each card has a color and a character image.
– To be removed from the field the card should have the same suit or the same value as the card in the house.
– Simply tap the card to remove it.
– To make the game flow exciting some cards are blocked. To play the blocked card, you first need to unlock it.
– You win when you clean the field.

Playing Jiggle Cards is simple and challenging at the same time. You pick up the rules fast and go from level to level, raising the difficulty stakes. You will manage to solve the most complicated classic tasks. If you need extra help while you play cards, you can use powerful boosters.

– UNDO you can use it when you make a wrong move or change your mind. There are unlimited Undos during the level.
– MOVE an additional card. You can use an extra move once while passing the level.
– JOKER allows removing any card from the field. You have an unlimited number of Jokers throughout the game. However, after using a Joker, you need to wait a while before using another one.

Sharpen your brain, train your attention, and develop strategic thinking with Jiggle Cards. The game has everything you need – from the amazing design and classic solitaire rules to real card player challenges.

– Hundreds of exciting levels.
– Awesome pleasant user experience.
– Powerful boosters.
– Easy to pick up rules.
– Blocked cards for an extra challenge.
– Stunning catching, but classic design.
– Playing cards relaxation in your pocket.
– Effective brain trainer like the Tripeaks game.

Free offline game.

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