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Lets Play Solitaire on Browser | Free Card Game 2023

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About SolitaireSocial
We offer a completely new solution: our online solitaire, where experienced players will open a world of battles with like-minded people. And for those of our guests for whom “Solitaire” is something completely unfamiliar, we are ready to teach the basics of this incredibly popular solitaire game, as well as support on the way to the top of our ratings. All newcomers to Solitaire Social are greeted with a short tutorial to help get to grips with the basics of solitaire. Or read our article on Solitaire game rules.

Classic Solitaire is the basement of Solitaire Social
It’s simple from the beginning: we have a deck of playing cards, some of them open, some of them face down. Our goal is to move the entire deck to the top four slots. There the cards can only be stacked by seniority and suit. The main events of this solitaire take place below; the cards can be stacked on top of each other by seniority but alternating colors of suits. Putting such chains, we open new cards, which immediately go into action. Above left is the deck, which will also provide us with cards.

We have all known solitaire since the days of Windows 98, endlessly turning red for black and black for white, practicing combination skills.

What is the main advantage of Solitaire Social?
We want to give you a new experience: the thing about Solitaire Social is that every game is a competition with another player. Our program automatically selects an opponent who starts a game with you simultaneously. The winner of the party is the one who solitaires the first! You get extra points for each card sent to the stack before your opponent! So, time is of the essence in Solitaire Social!
The tournament starts with eight players fighting like in a real championship, making their way through the tournament grid from one-fourth to the final. The winners converge in the second game, leaving two players, each with a chance to win the tournament. Simply put, to win a tournament, you have to be the best three times in a one-on-one bout.
The course of the game can be changed by special boosters, which you can get in different ways.

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