Microsoft Solitaire Collection: FreeCell - Expert - July 21, 2021 -

Microsoft Solitaire Collection: FreeCell – Expert – July 21, 2021

Zeming Jin
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Goal: Solve the deck
Solution for expert FreeCell – Microsoft Solitaire CollectionDaily Challenges 7/21/21

After inspecting the board, it is obvious that the most difficult part of this challenge is that all 4 Kings are at the bottom of columns blocking many of the cards. A strategy to deal with this situation is to stack more cards to those Kings to open some spaces. Cards in column 1 and 2 look promising – such as Q♥, Q♠, J♦, 10♠, etc. So the goal was clear column 1 and 2 to open spaces to unblock the cards by the King’s. After that, the rest is easy.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to add the strategy paragraph in your post. With that tip I completed this one in just over 6 mins with only one undo! Prior to reading your tips I'd spent hours on this one.

  2. You utter legend! Thank you so much for this, that deal was making me mad, could not figure it out for the life of me!

  3. It was very complicated one, thanks a lot

  4. Thank you so much for posting these videos!!

    Before watching them, I'd just decided I'd never be able to solve some of the expert-level puzzles, but studying what you've posted here has helped me to see the logic I needed to use in those situations so I could also solve them. Now, I'm able to handle the expert-level puzzles on my own (for the most part) thanks to your contributions!

    Oh — The expert-level spider and freecell puzzles are still demons from hell, but I'm getting better w/those, too! 🤣

    Take care and thanks again for sharing these solutions!

  5. Thank you for this. I was stuck in the first 10 moves. Things fell into place after that. We appreciate help with the expert levels on Freecell.

  6. Zeming Jin to the rescue again! I worked on this for a very long time and got nowhere. On this one, I would really have liked to hear your logic and reasoning behind your first ten moves. I just did not understand this one…OMG I am not looking forward to Free Cell Dark on Star Club! 🙂

  7. Omg within 2 mins u solved I took hours still didn't solve and could get it right

  8. Very good, best wishes.Thanks for sharing.

  9. Zeming Jin…I would like for you to know that I have finally completed ALL the Hard Free Cell games in the Dark series. Once again, playing in that black and red causes me to miss many moves and I absolutely detest this series. I must admit though, with all this "practice" I am beginning to work the cards better and better. I am extremely happy with myself for solving all the Hard ones, by myself and without your help! LOL! I would never have gotten this far without these many years of watching you play. Blessings to you my Friend whom I have never met!

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