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Microsoft Solitaire Collection Gameplay

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Genre(s) Card game

Solitaire Collection contains 5 games:
1. Spider Solitaire
2. FreeCell Solitaire
3. Klondike Solitaire
4. Pyramid Solitaire
5. TriPeaks Solitaire

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a video game included with Windows 10. It replaces Solitaire, FreeCell and Spider Solitaire included with the previous versions of Windows. It also adds Pyramid and TriPeaks to Windows for the first time and introduces new daily challenges and themes. (An older version of Pyramid was previously bundled in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2 under the name “Tut’s Tomb”, and an older version of TriPeaks was previously bundled in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3; both made the cut for Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack.) Unlike the games included in Windows 7 and earlier versions, Microsoft Solitaire Collection is freemium adware[2] with Xbox Live integration. The app’s hub-based design was originally inspired by the design for Windows 8’s Start screen in 2012. At the time, the developers considered the game a tool for helping users become more familiar with Windows 8.[3] Unlike its predecessors, Microsoft Solitaire Collection is updated from Windows Store and communicates with a Microsoft server in order to track achievements and offer daily challenges.


  1. At 42:21, you could have put the 4 and 3 of spades into an empty space, put a queen of spades on the king and the Jack to the ace to the queen to complete the challenge

  2. Does anyone know how to stop the infernal games downloads appearing after two our three hands of Solitaire? I don't mind the genuine adverts – some are quite useful, but to keep trying to persuade people to download game after game when they're in the middle of another one, is pointless.

  3. I wish the game would add more victory animations towards the end 🎉

  4. I'm suck at solitare! I am noob in this game

  5. I have this and Microsoft mahjong on my phone. Level 79 on solitaire,level 14 mahjong. Subbed!!!

  6. Hey, your pretty good at solitaire. im a solitaire type of person myself as well, so i love to watch these videos.

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