MORE of the Very Best Solitaire Print'n'Play Games -

MORE of the Very Best Solitaire Print’n’Play Games

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Games in this video…
Agent Decker –
The Cleaner –
Sprawlopolis –
Under Falling Skies –

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  2. I audibly groaned when I got the pun in Agent Decker.

  3. Holy holes of wholeness! Under Falling Skies is
    literally X-Comm: the Card Game!
    Imma print it AND buy it!

  4. I have many questions about the whole printer disposal situation

  5. FYI – Not a fan of the gross gags. Good reviews thoough.

  6. Where would you buy the little coloured wooden cubes? EDIT: ok, just seen Meeple Source.

  7. I will mail you paper if I have to, CARD STOCK EVEN just make more of these awesome videos! morreeeeeeee

  8. This man had a printer that runs out of paper before it runs out of ink, and he buried it for a bit. SMH.

  9. love the league of gentlemen reference at the beginning dave.

  10. a dalek in a toilet cubicle would be ideal as it would be able to clear it with ease.

  11. More more more solo games! More, I say, more! Moremwahahahahaha

  12. Agent Decker is just a reskin of Upper Deck's "Marvel's Legendary" from 2012…

  13. Can we get a video in which you show us the best pnp games for two to four players?

  14. I wonder if any of these games is on tabletop simulator for those of us who are ink-depraved

  15. I really love that you didn't make luxurious builds for all those games. It's actually important that people know we can just print and cut, not laminate or whatever, and really enjoy the game! Many kudos for this!

  16. Hey bro. You should try out Mini Rogue PnP, 9Card Siege and Blorg in the Midwest.

  17. I have no idea why that running joke with coffee made me laugh so hard 😀

  18. 9:24 it looks exactly like my attic. But you really should put a little more love into these game components. How hard is it to make the cards 3 layers of paper. And some rounder-cutter?

    Agent Decker also has a blue style instead of the brown shown here.
    And it has inspired StS – not a card game but a video card game.

  19. Totally agree with you, Under Falling Skies is a masterpiece of a small handy game. Easy interwoven mechanism and yet working so well. Flawless.

  20. Are there any sites with good roundups and reviews of the best free 2-player print-and-play games? Since COVID-19 hit, aside from my taking her on masked trips to the grocery store, my mom’s been pretty much tucked away at home. She’s in a high-risk category, so aside from me, her only social contact has been through video chat meetings.

    I’m in less of a high-risk category, but I’ve been practicing rather extreme anti-pandemic measures in order to remain safe enough to go keep her company every day. And keeping her company isn’t normally a problem: Mom’s a smart, interesting person, so we can find lots to talk about daily, or we can watch videos, or listen to things together, so on.

    However, Mom’s about 1,000x more social than my loner self is, and after being kept from her friends and activities for so long… well, she’s dialed up to about 11? she literally recites to me whatever is going through her head? every moment? and I’m beginning to feel REALLY RUN DOWN.

    But Mom loves games, as do I, so I was thinking that could be a good alternative to idle away some time! Chess is kinda heavy, however, and I don’t know where my Scrabble set is… and with all the nonessential shops closed, not to mention box retailers’ games being pretty hit-or-miss on the best of days, and also that I must mind my spending now anyway — I was really hoping for something quirky, innovative, and… free?

    So yeah, that was my hope: on one of my next daily visits, I could bring her some games that were engaging, charming, fun, maybe specifically designed for two players… and this free print-and-play phenomenon sounds really promising, but after Googling around for a day, I’m swamped? I don’t know what sites are reputable, who to trust, what reviews to believe… I would welcome any helpful tips or pointers, from anyone!!! 🤗♟❤️

  21. you should try some of the free wargames on Free Wargames Rules Wiki

  22. Well, seeing as how I am now staying inside for other reasons, I will have to get my printer hooked up…

  23. I am slightly disappointed by the lack of biscuits in the demonstration. Which biscuits would still fit? I need to know! Can I indulge in an oversized digestive? Will the bulky form factor of the custard cream be too much? Perhaps the suitable shape of the garibaldi means we could in fact fit TWO biscuits in?

  24. This Episode inspired me create a crappily laminated copy of Under Falling Skies. I can't wait for the published edition!

  25. Printed of a quick copy of Under a Falling Sky and found it was a blast! I took a little more time and printed it out on heavier stock and cut it in longer strips to make more enjoyable to play. Thanks for the demo.

  26. Get an HP printer 🖨️ with Instant Ink. Best thing we did.


    [Presses PLAY on Walkman.]

    "How do I say goodbye to what we had?

    The good times that made us laugh

    Outweigh the bad

    I thought we'd get to see forever

    But forever's gone away

    It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    I don't know where this road

    Is going to lead

    All I know is where we've been

    And what we've been through

    And if we get to see tomorrow

    I hope it's worth all the wait

    It's hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    And I'll take with me the memories

    To be my sunshine after the rain

    It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    And I'll take with me the memories

    To be my sunshine after the rain

    It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday"

    Rest in peace, dear friend.

  28. That little pocket on jeans is actually for pocket watches.

  29. Do you just not like coffee or tea or whatever, or are you trying to be funny with the gagging after every sip. Other than that it was a good video.

  30. Awesome review, great games for these times and after them 😉 Where can I download Agent Decker playmat? I got the cards with the new design, but couldn't find the playmat. Any help appreciated 😉 Cheers!

  31. I came through and watched these after getting caught up on episodes of the podcast. BBBathysphere is easily the highlight of my weekend. On the off chance someone sees this, a great solo PNP I run off a few years ago and all enjoy, Dungeon of D. It's a ludicrously crushing dungeon crawl with VERY multiuse cards driving the the games engine. It's an easy build but ink heavy and time consuming to cut up. Highly recommend that to any fans of the genre. Loved the videos, hope to see more printing misadventures in the future

  32. 'Strafing ducks is so satisfying' heard it here first

  33. Thanks for sharing these solo play print and play games. I may consider one of these…maybe. But, I'm a bit of a production value snob (the feel of the cards, the syle of meeple, the special dice, and oh, tokens) and as such, I would love to see more reviews on boxed versions of solo games. I saw the one where you reviewed Aerion, Sherlock Holmes, and Decktective (and have since bought two from that review). I would be so grateful if you did another review like that. I so appreciate your insight and humor. Yours is a top notch channel! I am subscribed and forever hooked.

  34. All these games are awesome, thanks Quinns, and two other games I like are called pentaquark (by button shy games) and rolling village

  35. When I saw you review Under Falling Skies I was completely blown away that such an amazing game was designed and then posted online for FREE! I can't recall the last time a board game impressed me this much before I even played it.

  36. You didn't actually spew expired cream all over your print of Agent Decker, did you?

  37. I am only now realizing that 6:48 is a reference to the quadropolis video

  38. I don't know how could I have missed this episode!

  39. Otum sprou. Cheekamonga. Totella smee?

    Of course, we would love you to join us!

  40. Was that an Alan Partridge reference? If so, I kind of love it.

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