My $700 Mont Blanc Pen (Best Money Ever Spent?) Meisterstück Solitaire Unboxing Video -

My $700 Mont Blanc Pen (Best Money Ever Spent?) Meisterstück Solitaire Unboxing Video

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  1. THE MONT BLANC pen carrier, for when your in the jungle and need to fill in your morning success insider journal.
    great vid, interesting, love the bit about not competing in price, i should of used that in a past business venture i had.

  2. Yeeees! Please make more like this video

  3. One of the greatest quotes “sell me this pen”

  4. Awesome Tim! I'm already half way into this video and i can't help but request for more unboxing videos like this! Thank you for the video Tim. : )

    Time for me to finish the rest of the video : )

  5. I lost mine moving house, but it was a fine pen ^_^ Back to Bic biros for me ^_^

  6. You're learning quickly Tim. Perception IS reality. Sad but true… BTW MB sun glasses are good 😉

  7. The first unboxing video I can really like 👍

  8. Perception is reality!
    it would be an honor to see you do an unboxing analysis again on something such as that Louis Vitton. This actually just taught me personally all of the backbones and techniques to selling luxury product.
    Thanks so much for your help and I really hope to see you do this again soon. 🙂

  9. Wow i could right a million doller poem with a wrighting instrament like that..
    ~~Summer Love~~
    I long to see the stars
    in your eyes.
    Hear the wind blow
    In your voice.
    Feel the suns heat
    In your touch.
    If only you knew
    I love you so much.
    The moon set the mood
    On that hot summer night.
    True love was ours for
    A moment
    It felt so right.
    Id love to be with you
    Untill the end of time.
    If only you excisted
    Not just in my mind.
    The world would be ours
    To find…..😁💗
    Tim you really do inspire

  10. You cute! Lmk if you are single and ready to mingle :p

  11. So your entire premise is it's all a psychological marketing ploy? Why is not just people like the pens and so buy them??

  12. I came here to learn about the pen. This vid was awesome though. Learning is cool.

  13. Go to Amazon and read the reviews on a new $840 Montblanc 146. Far too many accounts of QC issues and poor/expensive service. Used to come with a lifetime warranty (now 2 years), MB doesn't even honor pens originally sold with it. Reports are that their MO is to blame factory defects on the user, then charge up to close of what a new retail pen costs to repair their overpriced, POS pen. I see MB as a Veblen product, and seeing one in your pocket will do the opposite of impressing anyone who knows pens. If your goal is to impress the ignorant, or just to overpay for poor QC to support a arrogant company, and don't mind the possibility of paying double when it fails, have at it. I wouldn't carry one if it was given to me, much less pay anything for one. 🙂

  14. Yea that stuff might work on the average joe, I still say “it’s just a Fucken pen” and go and get me a cheap 10-20 dollar pen lol

  15. Perception isn't reality; reality is reality. Perception is mostly bullsh*t and lies.

  16. My oldest memory of writing is kindergarden writing alphabets.i use pens everyday when i perform my duties.i always hated mont blanc.last week my sister bought one with its leather holder and engraved with my title and Initial.i still was not able to thank her cause i am still shocked.

  17. I was in a pen shop, a guy walks in wife his wife and goes straight to the Mont Blanc bit and buys so many of them. So I'm watching to see what his pens like. What a sad life I live lol

  18. You sir are brilliant. Hit the nail on the head. I have 2 pens from mont blanc worth in total 2500 usd. its all about the intrinsic value. it makes me feel good and gives an image to the client when i visit them with my goods about who i am. Its very important to give a high end impression to the person on the other side of the table who may become your client. A pen is a pen. Luxury items have that spark to make you happy and follow your success story.

  19. Which montblanc pen is it that contains volcanic ash

  20. When I would interview potential sales people, I would ask them to sell me a Mont Blanc ball point pem. If they started to explore what i I needed a pen for, I would hire them. If they tried to spew reasons why the pen was so great, they would not get the job.

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