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Reset Microsoft Solitaire Collection App in Windows 10 | PCGUIDE4U

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This video will help you to reset Microsoft solitaire collection app in Windows 10. The Microsoft solitaire collection app allows you to play five card games which are Classic Solitaire, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks.
Sometimes, if you get some errors or solitaire collection won’t open then, in solution, resetting the app will resolve your issue.
But make sure, when you reset the Microsoft Solitaire Collection app, it will reset all statistics and data saved by Microsoft Solitaire Collection on your device.

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  1. This does not work. Your data is saved in the cloud and the next time you start the app, it reuploads it.

  2. This never worked for me. I have mine on a work computer and I can't access the internet so I can't uninstall it, any thoughs?

  3. Thank you! My Solitaire games kept freezing up and this fixed it!

  4. nothing advanced options in app & features/microsoft solitaire collection

  5. Thank you, worked 1st time. Woah! Edit: I thought it worked but after I played 1st game it showed my old stats, they never were reset. Any ideas?

  6. Is my Premium subscript free on Microsoft Solitaire Collection? If it's free for a week, do I get a paid subscription, or does my free subscription go away in a week?

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