Royal Parade Solitaire - How to Play -

Royal Parade Solitaire – How to Play

World of Solitaire
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This video shows you how to play Royal Parade Solitaire on World of Solitaire


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial ~

  2. Used to playa much easier version: you could stack cards of any suit. I could get it to come out most of the time> But this version is practically impossible: at the end you are stuck -every time so far – with say a small club under a bigger club and no get -out room because all the other stacks are complete. It would make life easier if the bottom row was staggered, so you could see all the cards in it at once. It was like that with the super easy version that I was happy to play, but that version has vanished in the upgrading of my apple mac.

  3. "This bottom row on the very bottom."

    As opposed to the bottom row on the very top?

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