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Are you looking for a fun and easy to play Klondike solitaire game to play in your free time? Will you like to make the most of your free time and test your patience solitaire skills? Revive the fun of classic solitaire games with this amazing free solitaire card slot game. Whether you want to test your solitaire skills in real time and offline or you want to set out on a world tour of solitaire games, this amazing solitaire game app is the perfect pick for you.
Play Solitaire Journey – Classic Solitaire 2021 now!

Classic Free Solitaire Card Slot Game
Will you like to skip the hassle of learning complex game rules and controls? Keep it simple, straightforward and fun with one of the best solitaire games available online. With this classic Klondike solitaire game, you will not only experience the nostalgia of traditional card games but also get to improve your free solitaire card game skills effectively.

World Tour of Patience Solitaire
Will you like to set out on a world tour of patience solitaire? Take your card gaming experience up a notch and explore different free solitaire card game backgrounds, themes and moods. Explore different regions of the world and solve the winnable deals. Once you place the right move, the correct cards will collect automatically and you can simply move on to your next moves.

Drag and Drop Offline Solitaire Controls
In every level, you will be presented with a set of patience solitaire cards, free slots and a card deck. Your goal is to identify the correct card placements. Once you identify the card, drag and drop the target card into its correct place. The more correct Solitaire pairs you create in this game, the more chances of clearing the level and winning you will have. You can draw 1 card or draw 3 cards in this game. On top of smooth controls, this app also offers smart hints, auto save of game play and more.

Complete Daily Challenges and Get Rewards
Are you ready to take on new online and offline solitaire challenges everyday? In this game, you can find daily quests and challenges to solve. The winners will receive amazing rewards every day. If you wish to leave the game in the middle, the game will be automatically saved and you can resume your progress right from where you left it in the past.

Features of Solitaire Journey – Classic Solitaire 2021
♥ The world scenic themes, backgrounds, card back for solitaire games
♥ Winnable deals in free solitaire card game
♥ Draw 1 card to play the best drag and drop move
♥ Draw 3 cards to solve the patience solitaire levels
♥ Single tap to place a card or drag and drop
♥ Standard Klondike solitaire scoring
♥ Smart hints show potentially useful moves
♥ Auto-collect cards on completion
♥ Auto-save game in play
♥ Statistics all your scores
♥ Daily challenges and achievements

Download and play Solitaire Journey – Classic Solitaire 2021 today!

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