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  1. Cómo hago para retirar el dinero que gane?

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  3. Como eu transfiro o dinheiro que ganho nesse jogo

  4. Ilan po minimum para magcash out sa paypal?

  5. I can cash out for over 200.00 Dollars. After 72 hours. It been longer then 72 hours. How do I get payed.

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  9. I have 200.00 + but not able to get it,it's been three weeks. "HELP"!

  10. How can i cash out the 200 in paypal can you help us?

  11. after installation does not allow changing the country prefix is locked in +63 do you have any suggestions to be able to configure the application?

  12. Ok I have $453. Dollars i keep putting to redeem but nothing work can you tell me how to redeem it

  13. This game is a scam I got over $200 and it wont cash out

  14. KLAXONSTOOLS COM got me over $10k through their service. I'm grateful

  15. Really been scammed before and I lose interest but after I got recommended to mikehackson_11 on !G He is the best to work with 💯💯

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  19. I can't figure out how to get paid the money they owe me for watching all there ads and their is no way to find out. This what is called false advertising and this is against the law. Rickey Roberts

  20. Je suis tellement heureux d’avoir bénéficié de cette plate-forme, vos services changent des vies, cela m’a conduit de rien à quelque chose. Maintenant, j'ai ma propre entreprise et je vis bien avec ma famille. Merci beaucoup KLAXONSTOOLS COM. Je resterai à jamais redevable à votre équipe.

  21. How to cash out the cash, because I can't cash nothing on this game.
    I sent a email to of the game then you left but I never have answer.
    You can't play with people like that.

  22. I haven't received my prize money after 7-15 days

  23. I can't cash out. I have $1,500+ in the bank but I need to score 2,000 points to cash out. Does anyone know how to score 2,000?

  24. Yo jugue y espero poder retirar el dinero en la fecha acordada.

  25. I've been playing big win solitaire for 2 weeks and I've collected $ 900.16 but it can't be withdrawn to paypal. I tried dragging it and it only says "processing. Is there anything that can be withdrawn? How to? Thank you Regards,

  26. Alguien me puede decir cuantos dias se tarda para que llegue el dinero a paypal ya e transferido 900 dolarea y llevo un mes y todavia no llega a paypal

  27. hola a todos, les recomiendo cipherhacks .com a todos ustedes. Me jugaron una mala pasada y en menos de 2 horas obtuve más de $ 15,000 en mi paypal.

  28. Pls help. ..been playing solitaire all for almost a year

  29. Pls help. ..been playing solitaire all for almost a year

  30. No pagan, así cumplas con todos los requisitos, NO PAGA

  31. Its fake. I wait for 72hrs for proccessing. Then another 100 plus hours because it said. You will recieve the money after 100 plus hours in my paypal. I waste my time and days. Damn. 🤬

  32. Isthis real i already redeem $200 /$300 150hours processing 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  33. Sana legit to para mkatulong malaking load narin po nagastos ko para mkasali😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  34. all of her blogs actually doesn't help. LOL

  35. pansin ko halos lahat ng content nito puro kasinungalingan tpos gagamit pa ng profile ng babae para paniwalaan,

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