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If you like playing solitaire, this is the app for you!

This popular and classic Solitaire game also known as Klondike or Patience is sure to provide hours of fun. With crisp, clear graphics, this app is one you do not want to be without. Solitaire is the best card game out there to pass time.

Popular features of Solitaire include:
– Single tap or drag and drop to move a card
– Game leaderboards
– Draw 1 or 3 cards
– Sound that can be turned on/off
– Unlimited free games
– Undo feature
– Personal stats
– Auto win solitaire hand
– And so much more!

See what some of our many users have to say about this popular Solitaire game:
– Very nice app, simple to play. Lots of fun for many hours. Addictive, if you like solitaire
– Captivating game. Lots of fun. Really enjoy the game
– Easy to play and a lot of fun. Recommended for everyone
– Great fun and addictive
– Terrific game – so enjoyable and easy to play
– Once you start playing it is hard to stop
– Best game and for free! Play all the time
– Fun can’t stop playing!!
– Best game out there!

So if you enjoy playing card games download this free solitaire app now and see for yourself why so many others love it.


  1. Not sure was a simple start in the past

    Now it seems to not boot up 🙁

  2. Me gusta pero no lo puedo bajar. Se puede jugar en linea?

  3. Please put solataire back on this mobile phone . Thank you, deva

  4. Me gusta puedo bajarlo como psra jugarlo

  5. Скиньте кто нибудь рекламный ролик который иногда в рекламе в играх выскакивает, он такой позитивный, хочу друзьям показать)
    Throw off somebody commercials that sometimes pops up advertising in games, he's so positive, I want to show to friends)

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  9. Wtaf did this get 13 million views?!?!

  10. This comment section is people just drooling saying stuff that has nothing to do with this or doesn’t make sense

  11. World Best Solitaire Game -> Solitaire #1
    AppStore: @t

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