Solitaire-Brain game -

Solitaire-Brain game

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Solitaire-Brain game – Classic Crad Game, which also named spider solitaire is a classic addictive puzzle game.
This game reproduces the classic solitaire gameplay of the computer age, it is small in size, does not take up space,
and does not require a network!
The enduring Klondike card game has been transferred from the computer to the mobile terminal, making it easier to relax anytime, anywhere!
Complete the card collection from A to K by suit!
How to play:
-Move the ace to the pile.
-The cards of red and black suits are arranged alternately in the playing area,
in descending order! For example, a red K card can only be followed by a Q card of a black suit!
-Move a single card, red and black are arranged alternately.
-Sequential piles can also be moved.
-If there are no steps to move, re-deal the cards in the upper right corner of the pile.
-Wild card can match any card you want.
-Daily challenges to collect various trophies.
-Free props to help you win card games.


-solitaire new fun classic.
– Original classic card game.
-Two card dealing modes.
-Deal 1 card at a time, victory is easy and stress-free!
-Deal 3 cards at a time, the difficulty increases and the tricks change! Challenge yourself!
-Classic Vegas mode!
-Left handed and scoring.
-Play games without WIFI.
-Free offline game ,download and play.

Solitaire is one of the best free games! Download classic solitaire and play anytime, anywhere!

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