Solitaire Classic - Klondike Solitaire - Microsoft Solitaire Collection 'Flying' win animation -

Solitaire Classic – Klondike Solitaire – Microsoft Solitaire Collection ‘Flying’ win animation

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About Solitaire Game

The solitaire is classic klondike solitaire or patience.

The solitaire card games is a puzzle game which trains your brain with classic solitaire experience. It is an offline game which you can play solitaire on anytime and anywhere.

Solitaire, also known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience, is the most popular single player card game in the world. If you like classic Solitaire, you’re going to love this crisp and clear solitaire game!

The object of the solitaire games are to create four piles of solitaire cards – one per suit.

🌟 Solitaire Game Features 🌟

♠ Beautiful graphics
♠ Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card
♠ Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards
♠ Option for all winning deals
♠ Auto complete
♠ Unlimited free undos
♠ Unlimited free hints
♠ Intelligent hints and auto hints
♠ Daily Challenge
♠ Timed mode and Untimed mode
♠ Vegas scoring and Vegas cumulative scoring
♠ Customizable card faces, card backs and backgrounds
♠ High scores and personal statistics
♠ Sound that can be turned on/off
♠ Tablet and phone support
♠ Multiple windows and tasks support
♠ No network required
♠ And so much more!

🌟 General Rule of free solitaire card games: 🌟

How to play solitaire free solitaire card games: look at the solitaire cards. If there are any aces, place them above the seven piles. If there are no aces, rearrange the solitaire cards you have, moving only the face up solitaire cards.

When you place a solitaire card on top, it must be a different color than the solitaire card you are placing it on top of and have a value of one less. Thus, if you have a six of hearts, you can either place a five of spades or a five of clubs on top. Keep placing the solitaire cards on top of each other until you cannot move anymore.

Keep the top solitaire card obvious. The solitaire card on top of each of the seven piles should be face up. If you move a solitaire card, remember to turn the solitaire card underneath it over.

🌟 This classic solitaire card game provides: 🌟

♠ solitaire draw 1 card
♠ solitaire draw 3 cards
♠ left handed and scoring

We will support daily challenges liking spider solitaire solitare which is a fun klondike solitaire.

🌟 Questions about the solitaire: 🌟

1.) Are some solitaire games unsolvable?

Yes, some games of solitaire solitare you can’t win no matter what. If you use the classic solitaire rules, one mathematical proof finds that about 79% of games are at least potentially solvable.

2.) Are Jokers used in solitaire?

Jokers are not used in solitaire, classic solitaire uses only the 52 solitaire cards.

When playing solitaire, do the lower numbers go on the higher numbers?

When playing solitaire, the lower numbers go on the highest numbers. The King is on top, then the Queen, and so on.

3.) Tips of solitaire free solitaire card games:

Not all solitaire games share the same difficulty level. If you are stuck with a game, try a new one.

Remember that to win klondike solitaire, a certain amount of luck is involved.

Always start solitaire with the deck if you don’t have any aces in your hand of klondike solitaire cards.

If you need help for your solitaire game, get the button from bottom of your screen.

4.) Would like playing patience or klondike solitaire on TABLET, TV?

Try this fun klondike solitaire for sure which is one of the best classic solitaire game. We also offer online solitaire.

If you have played freecell solitaire, tripeaks solitaire or other klondike online solitaire, you will find this solitaire is unique and fun! You can choose levels(easy, medium and advanced).

Hope you can enjoy playing our new classic solitaire card games. It would be great if you share this classic solitaire with your friends and play together.

If you want to start an amazing classic solitaire challenge, don’t hesitate to download and enjoy this amazing classic solitaire card game NOW!

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