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Solitaire FREE (iOS/Android) | LITE Games

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The solitaire card game from LITE games – the best, free solitaire game is now out for Android and iOS. Klondike Solitaire became world famous as a part of a well-known operating system in the age of the PC.

The name of the game is to move all cards from the bottom deck into the decks above – in ascending order from the ace to the king. Whoever completes all four decks of each color wins.

Exciting features include:
♤ playable for free and offline (without the internet)
♤ completely in English
♤ easily-to-understand instructions (setting-up und and card placement)
♤ great for both amateurs and pros (from easy to hard)
♤ help feature and joker

The free app for Android and iOS is perfect for fans of all the game’s variants including Solitaire, Patience, or Klondike games for Windows and PC.

Download the free Patience app for Android and iOS and start playing on your smartphone or tablet today!

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Solitaire game rules:

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Thanks for playing!

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