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Solitaire Games : Solitaire Card Game Rules

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When most people say they are going to play solitaire, they are typically talking about a game called Klondike. Learn about the seven column tableau that is used on solitaire card games with help from an experience card game player in this free video on the rules of solitaire.

Expert: Reg Brittain
Bio: Reg Brittain has benefited from the poker boom of recent years. In 2006, Brittain won $25,000 on Fox Sports Network’s Poker Dome Challenge.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso


  1. Notice how he didn't shuffle the cards, I wonder how he got such a perfect example game

  2. I tried to watch the video but this man is making me more bored and I was pretty bored because I was playing solitaire

  3. I use the app because it has the tap auto move 😅

  4. Lmao holy shit, I was playing this out like how he's demonstrating, and when I wasn't paying attention, he said "now we can move this 9 of hearts over to this black 10" AND GUESS WHAT I WAS JUST DOING??
    Oh and my black 10 was in the

    Oh but it was clubs.

  5. flipping three cards instead of one gets me stuck most of the time with no further moves possible.

  6. First off I'm gonna keep calling it solitaire not "Klondike" you hipster.

  7. you explain it too fast i still dont know how to play you shoulda had camera closer

  8. No one needs to know that extra stuff dude

  9. You could have moved the 10 of clubs to the jack of hearts.

  10. Thank you! I've always wanted to learn it. This is relaxing and addicting, This video was really well made and had a good explaining too!

  11. This guy learned how to play when he was shopping for his glasses in the matrix.

  12. No, I’m looking for solitaire… take solitaire out of the title

  13. He is a terrible presenter. I know how to play solitaire, and still couldn't decipher what the hell he was saying. Very irrational. People who don't know the game and legitimately need to learn the rules should NOT watch this video.

  14. This guy is unbearable to listen to. I bailed. There must be better videos on rules of game than this one

  15. I really need to know, can you reuse discarded cards?

  16. I think playing it upside down was blowing his mind lol

  17. Explained it so well I subscribed 💯💯💯

  18. Wait, (checks cards website)
    What cards did you use becuz they look fantastic , ok , they just look good

  19. Hey I’m Sebastian and I’m pretty stupid for letting/trusting my sister use my iPad to learn solitaire :DDD

  20. This is the best explanation I've been able to find on YT! Good job!

  21. Okay cool, but what about joker cards? They can be put onto any card right?

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