Solitaire Grand Harvest: New Challenges At Every Level! -

Solitaire Grand Harvest: New Challenges At Every Level!

Dr. Phil
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Sponsored in part by Solitaire Grand Harvest, which is owned by Playtika.
Take a break and challenge your brain with Solitaire Grand Harvest – a fun, relaxing, and 100% FREE game you can play anywhere, right on your cell phone! Solitaire Grand Harvest is not your typical solitaire game. With new challenges at every level, it’s a great way to experience farm life without doing any farm work!
Watch the video above to see how Solitaire Grand Harvest is played. Available wherever you download your apps. Visit:


  1. when dr phil sends his victims to the ranch, he forces them to play the game until their fingers and brain melts off.

  2. Damn even dr Phil is taking sponsors now

  3. Solitare? What am I? 60 years old? I'll stick to my playstation….thanks

  4. Dr Phil has turned into a complete sellout. He has zero credibility at this point.

  5. Getting people addicted to online games..

  6. Dr.Phil can make me download anything
    just saying 😅

  7. Omg how smart…my grandma loves Dr Phil..and she loves Solitaire.

  8. I play this game and me and Nan have been battling each other at the minute I’m winning as I managed to get further than her even though she started to play it before me it’s an amazing game

  9. "I love this game, but always lack of coins! Until i found Oceanic Solitaire, it gives much more coins. i've played half year, and didn't spend any of cent. Better for me ;))

  10. Did you harvest your new field today? Lol 🤣🤣

  11. It is a fun game but read the reviews. If she is at that high of a level, it is because she has spent A LOT of money on it because the coins u have to spend to play the solitaire games doesn't reward much more than what u spent when u win. U will lose a lot though and run out of coins super fast making it pointless

  12. Lol 2 million views and only 179 likes?? Weird

  13. What a trash game made by some amateur wannabe coders.

  14. I love this grand harvest game I am at level 10866 awesome game

  15. "Hello 👋 epic 🙂 gamers 😎 today 👇 we 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 are going 🚙 to play 🤳 fnaf 🐻
    like 👍 the video 📽️ for MORE XDDD 😂"

  16. The man, the myth, the legend, the icon

  17. this is smart a lot of the viewers are probably old and you got dr Phil too talk about your game

  18. hey phillium it's been too long, the game needs a story mode expansion pack 🙄

  19. this is the greatest gaming of all time

  20. I like that the gameplay is just a video and they just tapping on screens

  21. I was a Crack addict on the streets with no hope at life. My day to day was getting change for Crack and hiding under a subway. Then on the newspaper I saw an ad for solitare grand harvest. I went to a local Starbucks and used the free wifi to play the game. As I played I began to cry. I knew there was hope for a better future at life. I stopped drugs that day and started working hard. Now I'm a wealthy buisnessman whose company got acquired by Microsoft. That's right everyone its me Todd Howard the creator of bubsy 3d. Tomorrow Microsoft is going to aquire grand harvest and we are gonna have allot of new updates for it. The future is now my friends

  22. Absolutely love this action-packed game! The artwork is incredible and I feel like a pro gamer!!

  23. Looking forward to your interviews of people who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on grand harvest because the game company preys on addicts and gamblers.

    Well done

  24. This felt like it was a tutorial to teach old people how to use phones. Imagine thinking a mobile game is this deep.

  25. Robin is like 70 years trying REAL HARD to look like she's in her 30's lol

  26. This looks grueling to sit thru and u should be embarrassed. ESP bc people get addicted to these games and spend a ton of money. You shouldnt be promoting a gambling addiction, Mr. Phil.

  27. Dr. Phil advertising a shitty rigged game, what's not to hate?

  28. We all love us some solitaire grand harvest

  29. My house burned down and I lost everything including my wife, kids and most importantly my cats but then I played solitaire grand harvest and all my problems were all solved

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