Solitaire Grand Harvest tric to get free unlimited credits -

Solitaire Grand Harvest tric to get free unlimited credits

Ing KWAMO DJOMO Gilles Ivan
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Through this video I’ll show you guys how get free credits on Solitaire Grand Harvest for free. Wath the video keenly.


  1. Lo intente ,ya lo había visto en otro vídeo …pero no funciona🐵

  2. This game is a cash cow and I can’t get myself to quit! I left an abusive past I’m starting over in my life and this game keeps me sane. But I mean it rips you right off U bet 8,000 tokens at the end when you win I’ll have made as much as 8,003. And you never seem to win you always gotta pay to get more tokens you can’t ever get ahead at all cause the token payout is next to NOTHING. My lil piggy friend was $3.99 I did the update they told me to do it all of a sudden the lil piggy was $10.99 and no wilds. It’s ridiculous! Oh h but of course you did get more tokens when it became $10.99 I just did it for the wilds and the tokens I figured $3.99 was a good deal! I’m gonna start fresh a new game and post each level to prove this game is cash cow! It’s so much fun OH AND DR PHIL OWNS IT SO I HEARD!!!

  3. Ovu igricu igram vec dugo vremena i nikad nije bila tako losa kao ova nova verzija znaci jako sporo ili nikako moram deset puta i vise da gledam da bi dobila moju nagradu ili neki put ni ne dobijem jer nemam nerava non stop da idem ispocetka zato bih vam bila zahvalna ako to resite ili mi ne preostaje drugo nego da prekinem sa ovom igricom koju stvarno obozavam zato hvala vam na razumevanju i molim vas resite to ili vratite staru verziju HVALA_ TENKS




    Essa música nunca vai sair de moda passe o tempo que passar.

  5. This will NOT work if you have an IPhone!!!! If you don’t believe me then prove me wrong !! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I’m sorry but if you have an iPhone this will NOT WORK… NO WAY to fool an IPhone
    If I’m wrong then prove me wrong!!!

  7. Its only going to reset your bonuses when you sign in back to day 1

  8. Actual guide to do this here since the video didnt explain anything:Firstly, you need to be OFFLINE since in this way the game cant connect to the servers or something lolSecondly, you have to close the app, if you dont it wont workAnd finally you just change the time, open the app and harvest, repeat as much as you want

  9. Apprenez comment s'ajouter les credits gratuit sur Solitaire Grand Harvest

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