Solitaire - My Dogs (by Aged Studio Limited) - free offline classic card game for Android - gameplay -

Solitaire – My Dogs (by Aged Studio Limited) – free offline classic card game for Android – gameplay

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A creative Solitaire card game with dog raising.

Welcome to Solitaire – My Dogs!
Solitaire, also known as Klondike or Patience, is a good game to rest and relax. As a popular card game, solitaire has countless card game lovers around the world. Now, for those who enjoy the classic Solitaire card game and loves cute dogs, we are offering the best choice for you!
Solitaire: My Dogs is a game with Solitaire, dog feeding and home design all in one! It allows you to relax and train your brain in the game, as well as enjoy the companionship of cute pets.
In this game, you can collect coins simply by playing Solitaire game to unlock 3D scenes, bring your beloved dogs home, and decorate your rooms as you like with new furniture that we will keep updating more. And you might want to know – it is FREE TO PLAY! What are you waiting for? Download Solitaire: My Dogs right now to explore more from the fantastic gameplay!

♠ Classic Solitaire card game with pet and decoration system ♠
· Draw-1and draw-3 mode to challenge as you like.
· Unlimited free Undo and Hints.
· Magic Wand for helping you solve the difficulty you can’t handle.
· Auto complete to save your time.
· Detailed player statistics.
· Customized card look.
· Left-Handed mode.
· Beautiful 3D graphics.
· Multiple languages.
· Many prizes for you to claim from just card game, daily tasks, petting your puppies and more events to come.
· You can enjoy the whole gameplay without any purchases.
· Link your social media account to save your progress through devices and win plenty of rewards while competing with your friends.

Free offline game.

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