Solitaire Pop - Enjoy Free And Fun Card Game (Early Access) will this legit payout or is it a scam? -

Solitaire Pop – Enjoy Free And Fun Card Game (Early Access) will this legit payout or is it a scam?

Real or Fake Made by Kim
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Music: Cold Hand
Musician: 3rd Silhouette

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I will be playing the game through and watching the adverts so you don’t have to…
I will play it for as long as it takes to be able to show proof if it’s real or fake!

I will always show 100% honest results 😁
No false hopes or b.s.

If you would like me to test a game leave a comment or the link and I will do my best to expose as a scam or if it’s actually legit, share the good luck 🤞😘

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  1. Kapan saya mendapat pembayaran sudah banyak (9.000.000)koin dan penebusan sudah dilakukan, tapi belum juga ada pembayaran. Sampai kapan menunggu dan harus sabar. ?????

  2. Please have a review on the game jackpot spin,if it is legit or scam..thank you

  3. I have been trying to get my winnings since Nov-21. There's no more places for me to even cash out now. Sent email and no response. Fun to play but don't count on any money like I did.

  4. Es una mentira, y esas plataformas de pago deberían no prestarse para esa estafa, porque sí es una estafa, ya que ellos cobran a los anunciantes y entre más vistas y descargas de sus app más pueden cobrar por el segundo de publicidad, además no es gratis para el usuario, ya que se paga el Internet, la luz, el desgaste del equipo y lo más valioso, el Tiempo invertido. PUBLICIDAD ENGAÑOSA, y eso en este país es un delito, lástima que no he encontrado la manera se demandarlos y así que se les quite la costumbre de estar robando a las personas, iba a subir una captura de pantalla pero no dan la opción.

  5. No pagan llevo jugando varias semanas y no he visto un peso de este juego.

  6. Not much of a solitaire guy but I gave a like anyways ☺️

  7. I've gotten about $98 from Luck Money. Certainly wasn't through the scratch offs for paypal, but I saved up the tokens earned from watching the ads and such and used those to redeem the paypal giftcards. Took about a year and a half to build up to that amount, but they did pay out.

  8. Good afternoon, I'm from Brazil. If anyone knows if this game really pays, please let me know. I'm playing it because I need a lot of money.

  9. Pambihira sayang oras namin wala kapang conclusion ang hinahanap namim Result ?

  10. Now im waiting for 700 us dallars in 3days from sulitaire pop.i

  11. Too good to be true ang developer ang yumayaman sa adds na napapnood jn pero tayong mga uto uto sayang ang load at oras anyways if u enjoy the game just play for fun but not for anything else

  12. what's the title of the song that used in this video? and who's the singer?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. I have 3 cash payout that have not received nor have I received the bonus for downloading the app. I received a message. Receive cash out in 3 days. Time has expired now the message is saying receive payment in 7 days. I think it's fake.

  14. Realmente pagan en este juego

  15. Pero esta app esta pagando con oxxo

  16. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎fake fake fake fake no money👎👎👎👎👎👎

  17. Este juego es un fraude no lo descarguen y te ponen videos para ver y ellis estan de acuerdo como oxxo paypal no se como se prestan para fraudes que maly no nomas ellos hay mas que se ñrestan oara fraudes y se disen enpresas de prestigio

  18. Estou a mais de mês aguardando esse tal pagamento e nada…. Só enrolando, mais uma fraude, estão roubando a esperança e o tempo de quem realmente preciso desse dinheiro, até mesmo pra comprar alimentação. Triste.

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