SOLITAIRE TRIPEAKS Farm And Family Earn Money Rewards Paypal App Apps Game Online 2021 Review Video -

SOLITAIRE TRIPEAKS Farm And Family Earn Money Rewards Paypal App Apps Game Online 2021 Review Video

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I let’s play and review this game. You can download and play this Card game Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm and Family by TUYOO GAME / Tuyoo Online HK Limited for free on the Android Google Play Games Store here: and on the Ios / Iphone / Ipad / Apple Itunes App Store here:
I also try to figure out whether this app really does give out real money or if it seems like it is just a scam. If you have been able to cash out / cashout or get paid and is real from this game make sure to let us know in the comments, also feel free to comment and mention if you think it is a scam / a fake app so others know where to try this one or move on to one that actually pays.

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Below you can find some information about this game from the games google play store description:
Have you tired of Klondikes and Spider solitaire card games? Relax yourself in the newest fantastic solitaire card game “Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm and Family”! If you are a lover of classical solitaire card games, this free solitaire card game would be a great choice for you !
By challenging and winning hundreds of solitaire tripeaks levels, different with tiki solitaire, you can start your own solitaire adventure with our heroine Rachel and help her reconstruct the abandoned farm. At the same time, listen to her solitaire stories in Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm and family!

Rich contents in different solitaire tripeaks card game levels:
-Hundreds of challenging solitaire tripeaks levels with featured designing.
-Exercise your skills and brain in the classical solitaire gameplay.
-In Molly’s Kitchen, complete solitaire challenges to feed the hungry kitty and collect Special Medals of Solitaire skills

Combination of classical solitaire and creative solitaire gameplay:
-Various special solitaire puzzles such as Gear cards, Kitty cards, Balloon cards… More interesting things not in previous solitaire tripeaks card games. There are also more solitaire tripeaks challenges for you to discover the world of solitaire!

Heart-warming stories
-Help Rachel operate the abandoned farm and create your own business. Listen to the Family of Brix about their old memories and story in your solitaire adventure and help them come through the difficult period
-Enjoy the beautiful scenery in your solitaire trip- with finishing various challenging solitaire card game levels.

Enjoy with various solitaire events
-Join Mr.T’s adventure to discover more solitaire treasures!
-Special events and Great bonus for the special features
-More exciting events in the solitaire tripeaks world

Sharing your solitaire story
-Connect your Facebook account with Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm and Family and get abundant solitaire tripeaks rewards !
-Invite your friends to join the solitaire card game with you and get abundant solitaire tripeaks rewards in return!
-Playing card games for free with friends and share your exciting moments!
-Share your solitaire tripeaks adventure experience with each other and enjoy the great solitaire card games for free!

Other features:
– Help Rachel collect more stars to level up her farm by winning solitaire levels
– Try your luck in the Fortune Wheel to win Big Solitaire tripeaks surprises to support your future solitaire adventure!
– Explore Solitaire treasures in Mr.T’s cave every day

Still waiting? There are more for you to explore in the solitaire cards game. Don’t hesitate! Download it and join the card game Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm and Family now!


  1. Love this game playing it at moment hoping I can actually cash out it would be nice just hope it not a scam like most of the games 👍

  2. The notification came out late for me.

  3. Im at 119 but the pay out is every 3 hands you get 4 cents. After you get 100

  4. Hey Leon mate, i have play game like this before so i'm gona try it for the gameplay aspect and you have good video always 😎👍.

  5. I have this game. I have $124 and I only get 11 cents or $1.00 it will take awhile to cash out if possible.

  6. tuyoo* made 1 million dollars last month from 1 GAME 1 GAME!

    *i dont know if thats how its spelled and i dont care

  7. I didn't get the notification for this one .☹️
    Solitaire is the game which I never understood in my life .
    Even if this app works I won't be able to cash out😂😂

  8. I’m glad I watched this before wasting my time on the stupid game! Thanks!

  9. After the 1st 10-20 levels the big money earnings stopped. I was lucky to get 1 cent every other level. I'm at $123.07 @ level 201 currently.

  10. I played a full day, currently at 130 trying to go 140 before 2m. I would only have 10 more to go…hope they pay. Two days to get 150

  11. SCAM. Plus, you have to watch hundreds of ads to progress at all!

  12. I was able to received my money successful thanks to fextyhackers,com

  13. I won money on this game a measley 120$ but when I spun the wheel I won $1000 paypal money and when I pushed cash out it dissappeared.

  14. I have played for few week now currently on 141.11
    Level 432 each level so far currently is paying around 0.1$ to 0.7$ per level so mer personally in with UK rate so around 1p to 7p per level some with cash notes on pay 20p to £1 moment lot of people are giving up not me
    Will keep updated if people wanna know trust me work it out as let's say 1p to 7p a level at 400+level probs another 200 levels probs do it either iver it's around like I say above per level so if a level doesnt pay out I'll delete game bet each level so far paying despite it being start high if it doensnt its false advertising

  15. I installed this Solitaire Tri Peaks Farm & Family over 3 very frustrating months ago. Not solid everyday all-day playing, but certainly at least 30 hours a week (I hav time on my hands, I'm in hosp at th moment.. 😷). Right now I'm on $139.09, but that also means my rewards are NOT anything to write home about, approx between 1-4¢ every game or two. I absolutely WILL be back wen (or IF) i hit my target with a very full, frank, honest and candid update! So I wonder, will I be strutting my stuff in a beautiful new pair of Killer Heels soon? or a pre-owned knackered up pair of Jellies..? Il be back 🤞🤞🤞 x

  16. The only way to really know if you'll get paid & cash out is to play so whomever make it to the cashout stage come back & let us know..I just started myself I have 100 bucks..that's how they get u to play I may just play some times God bless u all

  17. It is just a scam like the other s, I was winning good but soon as I got to$100 an its a $159 cash out but now every time I play I only get about 31cents an it going down but big scam

  18. I got to $144 and it stopped even giving out 1 cent. Pretty sure I'll never be able to cash out

  19. Im playing that game at first time may 107 now

  20. the best website to invest: FABULOUSHACKERS,COM says:

    I received some legit funds from fabuloushackers, com they carry out safe and legit services

  21. The game was great but when you get to 140.00 it's over. They give you 1 cents every 30 games! ITS NO PAY OUT PEOPLE! TBEY BAIT YOU IN BUT YOU WILL NEVER GET TO 150.00. SO UNLESS U JUST LIKE TO PLAY DONT WAIST YPUR TIME!!!

  22. SCAM Got to 145 than stops and have to play forever just to get.01 so will never cash out

  23. This is a fun game to play. I was playing this game without the possibility of winning money before. I feel like they put this game on my phone as an ad due to the fact that I was playing this for fun anyway. No I don’t think I’ll ever get to receive the prize from this game, They never designed this game for you to win. This has a what if I win feel. This is a fantasy game.

  24. Question please, I am from Morocco and I would like to ask you a question please and I want to answer it as soon as possible. Does this application pay real money in Paypal or is it only a game ???❤

  25. This app start to pay but the payment is between $0.02-$0.10 it’s a scam!!!

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  27. Hello leon this is my first time to play

  28. Hi sir this game is fake I already play this when I got 141 .37 they stop giving you coin to get the 150 dollar .

  29. love this game, but always lack of coins! Until i found Oceanic Solitaire, it gives much more coins. i've played half year, and didn't spend any of cent. Better for me! ;)

  30. Just a waste of time effort and money for the internet.

  31. looks like the game runs out at 5328 games. I am at 148.14 and there are only 88 cash spots left, meaning the odds are I will have 149.02 when they run out of games. SCAM ALERT

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