SOLITAIRE WIN | Earn Money Cash Rewards Paypal App Apps Game Online 2021 Review Youtube Video -

SOLITAIRE WIN | Earn Money Cash Rewards Paypal App Apps Game Online 2021 Review Youtube Video

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I let’s play and review this game. You can download and play this Casual game
Solitaire Win / Earn Money Cash Rewards Paypal App Apps Game Online 2021 by Solitaire Win Team for free on the Android Google Play Games Store here: and on the Ios / Iphone / Ipad / Apple Itunes App Store here: Coming Soon?
I also try to figure out whether this app really does give out real money or if it seems like it is just a scam. If you have been able to cash out / cashout or get paid and is real from this game make sure to let us know in the comments, also feel free to comment and mention if you think it is a scam / a fake app so others know where to try this one or move on to one that actually pays.

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Below you can find some information about this game from the games google play store description:
Solitaire Win is a fun and challenging puzzle game that anyone can enjoy! It remains original flavor of the most played game with Las Vegas style and Vegas cumulative style. Simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it easy to pick up for everyone, online or offline. Daily challenges along with this solitaire HD game provide three levels everyday, which make it refresh and more interesting. Solitaire tournament/live match feature enable you to play against Multi-players from all over the world in real time.

Features of Solitaire Win:
– Large print for cards sign to save your eyes
– Klondike solitaire gameplay
– Standard & Las Vegas style, include Cumulative Vegas
– Daily challenges added. Many challenges waiting for you every day.
– Live solitaire match with multi-players/tournament online
– Different arenas every day
– Leader board & achievements shared with friends.
– Layout for both right hand and left hand
– Auto hints if you need
– Full customization (with/without timer, card sets, backgrounds)
– Intuitive moves
– The brightest, most colorful display
– Relaxing game music
– Unlimited free undo
– Unlimited free hints
– Auto complete for solved game
– Draw 1 or 3 cards options
– Left handed mode or right handed mode
– Option for all winning deals
– Top 10 records & other statistics
– Timer mode
– Tablet support
– Auto-save game progress and never lose any game
– Single tap or drag&drop to move cards
– Offline play, no WIFI needed except tournament
– Opportunity to remove Advertisement. After purchase, you will own solitaire no Ads forever.
– Coins rewarded. Earn money to buy magic tools.

Compared with other solitaire game apps, there are some highlights.

Classic gameplay – If you have played Solitaire Win on Windows, you will never miss this Andriod app. We keep the game true to the spirit of the classic Solitaire Win (also known as Klondike or Patience card game), and specifically optimized the game for an unmatched solitary experience on mobile phones.

Daily challenges – Three challenges are waiting for playing every day. Solitaire Win rewards winners with gold/silver/bronze cups and extra crown(s). Variant daily task from easy to hard: One card drawing, One card drawing without hints, three card drawing.

Addictive and challenging – This free Solitaire card game is fun and challenging puzzle game that anyone can enjoy! Gameplay is very simple to start but hard to master. Tons of users are having fun for hours everyday!

Simple designs – By removing all the unnecessary features, our game is the most easy-to-play with clean and intuitive designs. Meanwhile, we have added many deluxe themes on top of the classic card game design.

Solitaire Win will provide you hours of fun on your mobile phone!
Now let’s download this Solitaire Win app(apk) and play incredible Solitaire Win for FREE!

* This game does not cost any real money, 100% free to play and win.
* Playing this game does not imply future success in “Real Money Gambling”.
* Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor in any way affiliated with Solitaire Win and/or the sweepstakes prizes.

If you have any questions, complaints, requests or comments, please contact us at [email protected]


  1. I have been playing classic solitaire and I have lost of my and I can't get my money I have a PayPal account

  2. Nice video. First to comment, but Its confusing if its legit or not

  3. Don't have money for the merch, lov the vids

  4. Please am from Ghana 🇬🇭 and not think I can get one

  5. Thank you for doing all of the giveaways for the community.

  6. I really like your videos Man I'm glad I found your Channel

  7. This game looks basic and I would probably get bored real quick… but I guess some people enjoy such games . Im not sure if its legit or not but ye its not my type of game tbh.

  8. Hi, how are you? I work with video edits and I'm starting to create a portfolio. If you're interested in partnerships, I can edit your videos. Give me your contact or send an email if you are interested.

  9. I wander why you get your own app
    You talk about it 7 months ago
    I hope you get your own app so we could support you by watching ads

  10. Stopped giving rewards after $19.90 that hurts a lot .
    Dissaperance of 3$ card after reaching required diamonds .
    It is surely a scam and 5 stars are paid reviewers .
    I love how u also check reviews after trying out the game.

  11. Hello I'm from Philippines I just want to know if this game is real or just a scam ?

  12. am so excited i came across vastlinkshack,com with the cash i get from their hacking services everyday i could pay up my bill and cater for my family

  13. I am playing Solitaire goal I have won $500 it says to go to PayPal I went to the PayPal on the game it said I can get $200 I have done that but I don't know how to get my money can anyone help me

  14. I love solitaire i played solitaire pop and i never got my 200 dam i needed that money

  15. I won hundreds of dollars playing solitaire goal how can I collect my money

  16. Someone I know got up to 382.00 and he went to redeem the 300.00 and it said he had to log in for 7 days I do believe it is a scram

  17. Bro I as anyone else screaming at the screen telling him what to do??

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