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Take The Stress Out Of Holiday Travel With Solitaire Grand Harvest

Dr. Phil
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Sponsored by Solitaire Grand Harvest, which is owned by Playtika.

#Ad The holidays are a busy time, and holiday travel can be stressful. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing activity that is full of surprises and can stimulate your brain, Solitaire Grand Harvest is the perfect game for you! It’s a fun and challenging mix of solitaire and farming, set on a beautiful farm with relaxing music so you can take some time for yourself during this hectic season.

Grow and harvest your own crops, and win prizes along the way. The more crops you harvest – the more rewards you receive. Solitaire Grand Harvest is fun, relaxing, and 100% FREE. Play on or offline anywhere, any time. Plus, with so many of us traveling for the holidays – it’s the perfect game to play while waiting in the airport or on a road trip!

Get Solitaire Grand Harvest for FREE from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Download today and receive a special welcome bonus of 20,000 coins!


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  2. Is this a joke?
    Robin is like 70 years old trying REAL hard to look like she's 30.

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  5. How is anyone supposed to respect someone who promotes mobile games………

  6. Dr. Phil has a become a propaganda promoting machine. Trash.

  7. 2:22 this is such fake sh*t. who holds the phone like this and why is she pretending to play cookie clicker. shes playing a card game and her finger are in rapid mode

  8. What the f*ck Dr. Phil. Just lost all respect to this sellout. He is already a mega millionaire and he chooses to make more by throwing this trash at us.

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