zMahjong, Zhongyuan Mahjong (Solitaire) -

zMahjong, Zhongyuan Mahjong (Solitaire)

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This is the great game of Zhongyuan Mahjong (Solitaire) with abbreviated name of zMahjong Solitaire.

zMahjong is now available at:

iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPad)

Mac OS



Windows Phone

Windows 8

1. Introduction of Zhongyuan Mahjong (Solitaire)

This is a Mahjong solitaire game with very simple rules. But it is very difficult to succeed. This game demands huge observations, great patience and challenging spirit! Currently, thousands of people are enjoying this game every day at iOS and Mac OS, but only less than 10% of people have ever succeeded.

1)Game goal
Remove two same tiles each time until all tiles are removed.

2)Game rules
To remove two same tiles, tap and move one or more than one tiles by maximum one time so that there are no other tiles between these two same tiles. The tapped tile must be one of two tiles to be removed.
Note: There are four same pieces for each set of tile. You can confirm them before you start to play.

3)Game features
The game proceeds with no hints, no help, no re-try, no pause, no unfinished-game save, no offline-scores save. All these are for the purposes to keep you enjoying it and secure the trustfulness and fairness of scores at universal leaderboards.


  1. 在Mac上玩的,不断提示我在iPhone或者iPad上玩,不让人玩???

  2. How do you login to Game Center. I was when I first got this game but now I’m not. I do enjoy this game very much.

  3. Help!! I have played this game for years. Only game on my tablet. For the last year there have been consistent problems with the scoring. As far as the total number of times game is beaten. I will win 5 games, it will show them then the next time I come back and play the game my "times won" will be the same as it was before I won those additional 5 games. It will do this for weeks at a time then it will start working again. Then it will start not keeping track again out of the blue. I have tried deleting the game and re installing it many times. I have purchased the game and have emailed your site. This is not a new bug it's been happening for a year or longer. Please fix the issue. I keep trying to improve my standing. Currently I am in 135th place for times won but it has not added over 200 games won by me at least and if the one thing I keep track of doesn't work there isn't any motivation left to keep playing. It takes away any reward for winning for me. I play on an iPad in case you need to know. Please fix the scoring issue.

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